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[casi] Dutch anti-war add

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The Dutch Socialist Party(SP) are broadcasting this anti-war add on Dutch public television.
Although the text and songtext are in Dutch, I thought it worth while to put it under your 

The text in the add starts with pointing out the oil-interests of those now in power in the US, 
than focuses on the human disaster that is going on in Iraq right now and which is to be expected 
to get even worse. The text then goes on to point out which enormous amount of money the US is 
spending on its military of which just ten percent would be sufficient to feed the whole world.

The music combined with it, is a famous Dutch protest song ("meneer de president" by Boudewijn de 
Groot) written to oppose the war in Vietnam and which lyrics holds an cynical adress at the 
president of the US to ignore the peace movement, finishing with the remark: "Mister president, 
sleep tight."

Untill now this is the only add broadcasted in the Netherlands against the comming war.

Here you find a rough (and by rough I mean rough) translation of the song:

Mister president, good night.
Sleep tightly in your beautiful white house.
Try not to think to much about all those distant coasts where your boys stay solitary, far from home
Do not think especially, of those forty-six dead, that mistake recently with that bombardment.
And forget the fourth of those Ten Commandments which you as a good Christian certainly know.
Do not think of all those young front soldiers solitary dying in the distant tropical night.
Please sir, ignore those weak pacifists when talking,
Mr president, sleep tight

Dream about the victory and the triumph, dream about your beautiful ideal of peace
which has never before been obtained by bloody assassinations,
dream how you will succeed, this time.
Don't think about all those people who perish, how many women, how many children have been killed.
Dream about how you will be the moral winner and don't believe a word of what your opponents say
Bayonets with bloody handles far from here standing guard on your command
for the glory and the honour of the free west.
Mr. president, sleep tight.

Don't be all too frightened when in your dreams
you'll see those innocent victims who have perished at the fighting over there
asking you how long this must go on.
I'm sure that by this time you know that there are people who are sick and tired of all violence
Who won't forget the misery and bloodshed and who think a human life still counts.
Dream not too much about all those dead people, dream about victory and about the power you'll 
Do not think about all those crying out for peace.
Mr. president, sleep tight

Sander Faas

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