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[casi] New Report - Grading Iraqi Compliance - Contextualizes Blix's Remarks

Underneath the report source (access the report via the url), find the
accompanying, report-summarizing release statement (including report contact

Source: Linda Gerber, Karl Shelly, Alistair Millar, David Cortright, and
George A. Lopez, "Grading Iraqi Compliance", Fourth Freedom Forum and Joan
B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies (University of Notre
Dame), 6 March 2003,

Release Statement:


6 March 2003

The Fourth Freedom Forum and the Joan B. Kroc Institute for International
Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame have released a new report
assessing Iraqi compliance measures on the eve of Hans Blix's presentation
to the Security Council on the status of UN weapons inspections. The study
demonstrates that Iraqi cooperation with UN weapons inspections has been
considerable. If inspections are able to continue in the months ahead, it is
likely that they will be able to assure Iraq's effective disarmament.

The study includes a chart listing twelve specific steps toward compliance
by the Iraqi regime in recent months while also identifying continuing areas
of inadequate compliance. The study also includes a scorecard that lists the
mandates of Resolution 1441 and evaluates Iraq's degree of compliance with
those specific mandates. The scorecard shows one area of noncompliance, five
areas of partial compliance, and eight areas of full compliance with UN

A copy of the report is available on the web at

contact: David Cortright [President, Fourth Freedom Forum], 574-534-3402,
ext. 14; or Alistair Millar [Vice President, Fourth Freedom Forum],


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