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[casi] News Analysis: March 2, 2003

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News Analysis
March 2, 2003

- Saddam attempted to create an impression of total cooperation with the UN
by first suggesting he would not destroy the banned Al-Samoud missiles and
then doing so. The US, UK and Spain all dismissed the move, which was
shortly followed by a warning from an unhappy Saddam Hussein.

- UK and France agree that a second resolution is not necessary - but for
different reasons. Still, the US, UK and Spain unveiled a new Iraq
resolution which effectively announces war on Saddam. The US indicates it is
confident of passing the resolution but Russia and France threaten to use
their veto in an attempt to protect their oil interests with Saddam's
regime. Hans Blix, who is due to give the Security Council a potentially
crucial report this week, said that Iraq still needs to do more.

- Pressure piles on further against Iraq's dictatorship as the Arab
Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait call on Saddam to resign and the US tells
Iraqis to separate from Saddam. At the same time, strong signs that an
uprising will ignite in Iraq once the war on Saddam begins while the US
finishes training Iraqi dissidents. US military preparations are put in
limbo as Turkey delays vote on US troops.

- A petition of over 700 Iraqis was handed in to Downing Street by the IPO
calling on the UK to commit to establishing democracy in Iraq after Saddam
is ousted. At the same time Bush vows the US will liberate Iraqis of Saddam
and help establish a democratic system.

New Analysis provided by the Iraqi Prospect Organisation:

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