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Re: [casi] (no subject)

Dear Ghazwan,

It was an absolutely wonderful surprise, to learn you had been in contact
with Judith. It would be good if you, and perhaps a few friends,
were able to send regular reports, about how people in Baghdad, including
Judith & other 'human shields' are managing to cope. As you must know, CASI
would be one of the best websites, for such reports.
Today, local radio, here in Birmingham, had a program about 'human shields'.
One lady, who was on the program, I don't know if she is from Birmingham,
and don't think I know her. But her name, she is, herself, a human shield,
and spoke very well about the purpose of human shields, is Sue Darling. If
you see her, please convey our best wishes, too. - For myself, I think the
bad situation in Iraq has become more real, to me, since, with a group, I
visited Palestine, last November.



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>Subject: [casi] (no subject)
>Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 16:57:10 +0300
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>Dear Bert
>I looked for Judith Empson and found her in a hotel in Baghdad. She is
>leaving today to stay at a food warehouse were she will act as other as
>humanshield. We spent a very pleasant evening with Judith. He informed me
>that she will not leave Baghdad even with the bombing. She tells me that
>she feels more secure in Baghdad streets than in Birmingham. She sent her
>greetings to all. She is really a remarkable lady.
>Best regards
>Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar
>Baghdad, Iraq
>Dear All,
>The 'Human Shields' issue is controversial, responses to it have been
>greatly varied, even for one certain politician (who should know what he's
>talking about!) regarding it as a war crime. Most, however, would
>respect the courage of those who place themselves in danger to their lives,
>without harming anyone else. In what is seen as a worthy purpose.
>Although the human shields, in Iraq, are from many nations & cultures,
>is there - from a Biblical viewpoint - a valid comparison with the saying
>that no man/woman has greater love than in laying down his/her
>life for his/her friends?
>Judith Empson is a middle-aged, professional lady, of Birmingham, with
>Shropshire connections. In the days when campaigning against sanctions &
>bombings of Iraq was an eccentric, frequently unpopular & unthankful cause
>(nowadays, the situation is quite the reverse, even pro-war governments are
>being rocked), Judith was one of a very small group of friends who were
>prepared to express their, strongly felt, views about the US/UK low-level
>war war against a people, a gross injustice going on in our name. She had
>been out of contact with us for some time. Then, as a bolt from the blue,
>the media announced her Iraqi plans. As far as we know, she is now in
>Baghdad (we would love to get in touch, could one or two of our Iraqi
>friends please seek her out, and pass on our kind thoughts from friends in
>Birmingham, U.K.?).
>Mostly,we lead rather hum-drum lives, and may be somewhat indifferent to
>what is going on in the world. When someone like Judith is seen to follow
>what she believes is the right course, it's as if the rest of us
>are woken from our slumber. Is that what they call 'inspiration'?
>Bert Gedin.
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