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Dear Bert

I looked for Judith Empson and found her in a hotel in Baghdad. She is leaving today to stay at a 
food warehouse were she will act as other as humanshield. We spent a very pleasant evening with 
Judith. He informed me that she will not leave Baghdad even with the bombing. She tells me that she 
feels more secure in Baghdad streets than in Birmingham. She sent her greetings to all. She is 
really a remarkable lady.

Best regards
Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar
Baghdad, Iraq

Dear All,

The 'Human Shields' issue is controversial, responses to it have been
greatly varied, even for one certain politician (who should know what he's
talking about!) regarding it as a war crime. Most, however, would
respect the courage of those who place themselves in danger to their lives,
without harming anyone else. In what is seen as a worthy purpose.
Although the human shields, in Iraq, are from many nations & cultures,
is there - from a Biblical viewpoint - a valid comparison with the saying
that no man/woman has greater love than in laying down his/her
life for his/her friends?

Judith Empson is a middle-aged, professional lady, of Birmingham, with
Shropshire connections. In the days when campaigning against sanctions &
bombings of Iraq was an eccentric, frequently unpopular & unthankful cause
(nowadays, the situation is quite the reverse, even pro-war governments are
being rocked), Judith was one of a very small group of friends who were
prepared to express their, strongly felt, views about the US/UK low-level
war war against a people, a gross injustice going on in our name. She had
been out of contact with us for some time. Then, as a bolt from the blue,
the media announced her Iraqi plans. As far as we know, she is now in
Baghdad (we would love to get in touch, could one or two of our Iraqi
friends please seek her out, and pass on our kind thoughts from friends in
Birmingham, U.K.?).

Mostly,we lead rather hum-drum lives, and may be somewhat indifferent to
what is going on in the world. When someone like Judith is seen to follow
what she believes is the right course, it's as if the rest of us
are woken from our slumber. Is that what they call 'inspiration'?


Bert Gedin.

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