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[casi] Who are they?

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I keep seeing MI5 agents appearing as government spokespeople or other
apologists for war.

It's easy to spot them, they are very uniform. Even for New Labour they
are very old establishment characters.

At every televised debate with audiences, that I have observed, I have
seen put - up characters arguing the pro war stance, because 'normal'
people fed media lies say things that are not very plausible.

In contrast anti war people are well informed and can spot the double

This 'war' has become a war about truth versus lies. With devastating

What sane human being, regardless of politics would want an entire
nation carpet bombed with depleted uranium and other lethal weapons.

I heard another government spokesman this morning on R4 'Start the Week'
say that Saddam Hussein is/will be selling chemical and biological
weapons to terrorists.

Well if SH is going to do that, and so far he hasn't, what about other
states who also possess these selling them, even inadvertently, to
terrorists. What about the weapons we sell to Turkey ending up in
terrorist hands. After all there are an awful lot of corrupt politicians
in many countries.

Terrorists don't need Saddam Hussein or Iraq. History and life has shown
they can operate anywhere in the world. And acquire whatever they need
with patience and perserverance.

The best deterrent for terrorists is not to engage in unjust wars that
kill, mutilate and deform millions of innocent people, and instead try
being good humanitarians.

If we don't inflict violence on them, they won't want to inflict
violence on us.

Finally watched Panorama yesterday and must conclude that the US
political and intellectual elites are mentally deranged from being fed
all that Speilberg zenophobic fantasy stuff as children. That and living
in a nation where the only thing of value is money and how to make more
of it for the sake of money is the dominant cultural norm.

Lila Patel

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