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[casi] Soviet Red Herring.

Dear pg, Colin & List,

Thanks for your response to my somewhat outlandish query re. Russian
soldiers at Baghdad. pg's 'tips' (pardon the pun!), with his quote re.
Pristina Airport may give a clue as to how the query originated. And Colin
may well be right about existing explanations being sufficient as to why US
forces didn't take Baghdad. Might one add that the campaign of the so-called
First Gulf War was poorly planned, with - as Colin says - no exit strategy?

It looks as if the story, from a Gulf War Veteran (perhaps through no fault
of his own - he may have been damaged in the war), was questionable, and
altogether a red herring. - Colin, you did very well,
I thought, in Edwina Currie's Radio 5 late-night program on Iraq (I hope you
manage to catch up on your sleep!). - Finally, for those who are interested
in 'The Russian Connection', please read on:

NRO (National Review-Online), By James S. Robbins, 20.2. -02.

"Tariq Aziz visited Russia in January. Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov
greeted him saying, "Welcome to Moscow, where you have many friends." The
Russians put forward a proposal under which the UN inspectors would return
with a few minor conditions, and allegedly floated the notion of sending a
Russian peace keeping force to secure Iraq's border with Kuwait. This very
clever plan would have put the US in something of a diplomatic quandary. But
Saddam's contrariness came to the rescue again. The Iraqis requested - even
denounced - the Russian proposal for the return of the "espionage teams".
They simply will not budge on the inspection issue."


Bert G.

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