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Re: [casi] Turkey Parliament Rejects U.S. Troops

At 21:29 02/03/03, wrote:

> > Suzy, some quite horrendous oppression goes on in Turkey - to congratulate
> > them for their so called democracy could be seen to condone that. Their
> > treatment of the Kurds is just one example.
> >
> > For the purpose of stopping this attack on Iraq we find ourselves in the
> > company of some extremely nasty types. None of them care in the slightest
> > for Iraqi lives.
> >
> > Seeing the enemy as being personalities such as Blair and Bush and their
> > supporters is to lose sight of the real enemy which is tyranny and
> > oppression everywhere.
> >
> >
>I don't think Russia and China can be regarded as centres of civil liberties,

my point

>but that shouldn't surely stop us encouraging them to veto the US/UK
>war resolution.

To believe that we can "encourage" the governments in either Russia or
China to veto a Resolution in the UN is naive. And an awesome waste of
time. They will veto if they believe it is in their best interests. To go
against the US is certainly not that. The same applies to France.

Your argument is even more stunning when we can't even "encourage" our own
government to do what we want it to do!

We will never "persuade" or  "encourage" politicians to do anything. We
might be able to force them. That is what we are trying to do at the moment.


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