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[casi] Apology to Timothy Allen

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Dear Timothy-Allen,
        I apologize to you around the language I used to answer you. Namely
making assumptions about your childhood. In my haste to answer, I forgot my cardinal rule  which is 
 , if I  truly  want peace in the world, it has to begin with me. I try to live my life like that , 
 in our interchange, I came up short. I'm sorry.
        I can see you are very passionate about the US. That is wonderful and truly worth being 
passionate about. Who wouldn't be. I think the Bill of Rights and the Constitution are amazing 
documents. I have watched (on C-span) democratic movements in Africa, holding up your constitution 
(All men are created equal) and the Bill of Rights (freedom of speech)
as their models for their own country. In some countries ,one would not be able disagree and still 
be neighbors. Someone might be shot or run out of town. Let us Agree that we can disagree and still 
be neighbors. Let's agree that we can disagree and neither one of us has to worry about being 
locked up and tortured. It's in those things, that I agree with you, the US is worth being 
passionate for.
       I didn't join this group to convince anyone of my way of thinking. I joined it to find out 
how others are thinking around the world. And be a part of a group that wanted to help end the 
sanctions in Iraq that have destroyed the lives of so many Iraq children, old people, mothers, 
fathers, etc. Congratulations for signing up to this group. Those who have arguments other than 
yours have gotten their info maybe from other sources. I hope you can keep an open mind and be 
willing to consider those sources.
       Just a penny for your thoughts:
       General Electric owns NBC and MSNBC ; General Electric is also an
Arms Dealer who stands to make much money off war. History tells us people have gotten rich from 
war. Can NBC and MSNBC really be objective towards war when they stand to gain monetarily from 
war??? Is their news really going to be objective when going to war will favor their pocket books. 
(Mother Jones web site has all the arms dealers). ?? Just a penny for your thoughts. I wish you the 
best. Sincerely, Peggy

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