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[casi] Re: THAW - Theaters Against War

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saddam has killed expotentially more iraqi babies than the US by direct means, as even that 
unregistered sex offender Scott Ritter said, and by using money from oil for food sales to build 
presidential palaces and WMDs and letting his thug underlings loot food and medical supplies 
intended for the iraqi people which those thieving thugs sell at very inflated prices on the black 

And if you really do not believe this, or that saddam has WMDs, or that saddam has ties to ubl and 
a-q well Ive got some Bay Area bridges for sale.

Do I respect the opinions of you useful idiots for saddam.  While I respect your right to express 
them I can not, and will not, respect an opinion which ha less use than a pile of rat turds.

Finally, I find it very hypocrytical for someone using a online name that belonged to a rather 
infamous thug who incited, encouraged and abetted the deaths of many, many persons, usually poor 
people and often children, to lecture me about my morals.
But I suppose it is very reasonable for someone glorifying such a CRAP musician to support saddam.

You just seem to plain love violent murdering thugs.

73 de tim kg6irh.
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  From: tupac shakur
  Sent: Thursday, February 27, 2003 9:14 PM
  Subject: THAW - Theaters Against War

  Let me try your logic:

  War kills babies.  You support war.  Therefore, you support killing babies.

  Why do you want to kill babies?

  "Anyone who calls herself or
  progressive and does not support removing the butcher of baghdad is
  fascist who supports the continuing murder and enslavement of the
  people by saddam."

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