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[casi] Who started the oil well fires in Kuwait?

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American Gulf War Veterans Association February 19, 2003

Joyce Riley vonKleist, RN, BSN spokesperson P.O.Box 85, Versailles,
Missouri 65084 (573) 378-6049 voice, (573) 378-5998 fax
Contact Person: Gary Treece

For the past six years, the American Gulf War Veterans Association have received numerous reports 
from veterans stating that US forces were responsible for the setting of the oil well fires at the 
end of the Gulf War These testimonies are now being taken very seriously in light of recent 
revelations of the events that occurred during the first Gulf War.

Joyce Riley, spokesperson for The American Gulf War Veterans Association is quoted as saying: 
"There was intentional misinformation given to the American people to generate support for Desert 
Storm often created by advertising agencies such as Hill and Knowlton."

* Revelations regarding the "Incubator story," in which Republican Guard were reported to have 
thrown babies out of their incubators onto the cold floor turned out to be false and a "fraud on 
the American People." (S.R. 103-900).

* The St. Petersburg Times disproved the report of satellite photos showing a thousand Iraqi tanks 
amassing on the Saudi border.

* April Glaspie, US Ambassador, gave tacit approval to Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait by saying, 
"We have no opinion on'Ķyour border dispute with

* John Shalikashvilli, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and William Perry, Secretary of 
Defense wrote in a memo (obtained by the AGWVA) on May
25, 1994, "There is no information, classified or unclassified that indicates that chemical or 
biological weapons were used in the Persian Gulf." General Norman Schwartzkopf's NBC (nuclear, 
biological and chemical) logs (also obtained by the AGWVA) dated Feb. 27, 1991, and March 3, 1991, 
clearly disprove the above statement.

One veteran has now stepped forward and given a detailed account of how he and others in special 
teams, moved forward of the front, (behind enemy lines ahead of US forces) and then set charges on 
the well heads. "We were mustered into the briefing tent at which point a gentleman whom I first 
had thought to be an American began to brief us on the operation. I was concerned because he was 
not wearing a US uniform and insignias."

The information provided over a series of meetings with this veteran corroborates reports from 
other veterans who are totally unconnected with this individual. This testimony brings into serious 
question the integrity of the US government, as it provided information to the American public and 
military during the last Gulf War.

The American Gulf War Veterans Association is presently dissenting on the war and has been joined 
by The British Gulf War Veterans and Families Association. Riley states that: "Not only is it our 
opinion that the Department of Defense has not been forthcoming about the severity of our 
military's illnesses, significant concern is now being raised over the causation as well."

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