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[casi] Army Forced to Retreat - indymedia story

Army Forced to Retreat
by not exclusive 2:07pm Wed Feb 26 '03 (Modified on 6:16am Thu Feb 27 '03)

Army have problems recruiting. Link to local corporate media could become
broken by thurs/27/feb - sorry

Date published: Wednesday 26 February 2003
Army forced to retreat

Peace protesters forced Army officers to abandon a recruitment exercise in
Oxford yesterday.

About 15 anti-war campaigners turned up to protest as officers from Oxford's
Armed Forces Careers Office tried to encourage more people to join the

The officers abandoned their makeshift stall in Broad Street, where they had
been handing out recruitment leaflets, just 15 minutes after the arrival of

They left a truck, which protesters covered with posters.

Protester Paul Greening, of east Oxford, said: "We are very pleased with the
impact we had."

The army declined to comment.

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nice one!
by murder-stopperer...errr! 2:24pm Wed Feb 26 '03

I saw the army set up their stall on my way to work and was disgusted to see
them try and recruit more murderers to their ranks. Sounds like a good
action - the chalk on the road was a nice touch too! Perhaps its time to
visit their evil lair and protest outside the Army/Navy Recruitment Office,
up the road from the Eagle and Child, near Little Clarendon Street?

Scots medics go unwillingly to war
by S. Coull 2:59pm Wed Feb 26 '03

Scotsman on Sunday

AN ARMY publicity stunt turned into a public relations disaster yesterday
when reservists leaving for the Gulf condemned the war against Iraq.

Rather than smiling for the cameras and speaking bravely about doing their
patriotic duty, some of the medics ended up in tears as they spoke about
leaving behind their families to join the war on Saddam.

One - watched by embarrassed senior officers - angrily condemned the stance
taken by US President George Bush and Tony Blair.

The 26 reservists - from all walks of civilian life - are part of 225
Highland Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps, were put on show at the
Territorial Army barracks in Dundee's Dalkeith Road. They are due to travel
to a base in Chilwell, Notts, on Tuesday, before embarking for the Gulf.

Gary McIntosh, 36, only learned of his deployment last Wednesday after his
papers were initially sent to the wrong address and he hit out angrily at
what he termed "Bush's war".

The tiler by trade became tearful when he held his three-year-old daughter

"How do I say to her, 'Daddy's got to go away, I don't know when I'll be
back'," he said.

"I don't understand why we have to go. This is about Bush wanting to finish
off what his father started and us Brits are getting dragged into it because
of Tony Blair.

"I don't really see why I have to be parted from my family for that."

Lieutenant Colonel Sam Rawlinson, the commanding officer of 225 Field
Ambulance, told the troops and their families: "There have been a lot of
political goings on, a lot of uncertainty and demonstrations. But the public
will support you when it is time to go."

public will be sooo supportive
by not exclusive 4:07pm Wed Feb 26 '03

Lieutenant Colonel Sam Rawlinson, told the troops and their families: "There
have been a lot of political goings on, a lot of uncertainty and
demonstrations. But the public will support you when it is time to go."

Ah, Lieutenant, they aren't troops now. It is already time to go - lots of
our boys are already in the region and there is bog-all public support -
this war is opposed by people from the SWP to the BNP.
And it's not like the regulars are going to be much more keen - but you
won't make the PR error of letting that out.
Last time around, some US troops leaving bases in Europe had to be
handcuffed to get them on the transports.
The public hate seeing body bags come home so, once again, better put our
fallen into fridge containers in the field bases and only let their families
have them when it's all over.

Buck Up Brits!!!
by Mike - American 6:09pm Wed Feb 26 '03

Stop your self-pity and snivelling, buckle you boots and get ready to fight!
For all the times we've saved your asses from the powers of evil we deserve
a partner whose knees aren't knocking like a schoolgirl's.

Death to Islam!

Long live the decent Anglo's of the world. All would be barbarity without

by Not American 6:16am Thu Feb 27 '03

'powers of evil'???

What is this, a political discussion or an episode of Buffy the Vampire

sign the pledge of resistance to the "war on terrorism"

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