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[casi] Protestors and the war on Iraq

I'm not one to be hung-ho about initiating a war with
any country, but at the same time I think people are
opposing war just because the old adage of "war=bad"
is all they know. No one has a clear solution of how
to disarm Iraq without using force. And if the US was
after Iraq's oil supplies, why didn't they take
control of the oil in the first Gulf War?

I feel the same way about most other types of
protests. Environmental. Anti-Global. It's like they
whine and blame corporations or the government for
everything, yet they don't come up with any solutions
or take into account that social, economical,
technological advances would not have been made if it
weren't for these same corporations. I don't like big
box stores or downsizing, but I don't like people
throwing flaming bottles at government offices only to
whine of police "brutality" when they get a little
pepper in their eyes.

It's all about balance.

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