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[casi] Why Saddam Hussein appears so cool and unflappable

In message <007d01c2dd35$205f0ae0$892fc8cd@c3v8u7>, k hanly
<> writes

>I cant understand how Hussein can appear so cool and
>unflappable in the face of the forces arrayed against him.

Pride in his position (as he sees it - and as do many ordinary Arabs
living in Arab countries) as the only Arab leader to take a stand
against the US.

He's got more to lose by giving in than by resisting.  Go into exile?
Where would he go where he wasn't mocked and derided?  Where he wasn't
constantly in danger from assassination? ('So you stood out against the
US but gave in at the last moment, did you?  what kind of attitude is
that?  you're no better than the rest - worse, because you treated your
people worse than the rest.')

And he has also spoken out against US policy on Israel (Dec 1991 - see
below).  Until that situation changes he probably won't change either.
He is probably preparing himself to die a martyr.  A couple of months,
even weeks, after his death and Saddam Hussein will be held up as a
model of someone who died standing defiant against Western
oppression/attempts to humiliate the Arab world.

When will Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rove, Blair etc accept that there
has GOT to be a face-saving, diplomatic solution to all this - and that
the Israel/Palestinian situation is central to the problem?

Cathy Aitchison
Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Cathy Aitchison

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