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[casi] Blair Ignores 1991-1998 Disarmament Record

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair continues to ignore UNSCOM/IAEA's 1991-1998
disarmament record.  Below find Blair's reported claim that disarmament is
only possible with full Government of Iraq (GoI) cooperation.  Below Blair's
statements find the 1999 Security Council Disarmament Panel Report's
conclusion to the contrary.

Source: Mike Peacock, "Britain's Blair Slams Franco-German Iraq Plan",
Reuters, 25 February 2003,


Britain's Tony Blair dismissed on Tuesday a Franco-German plan for peaceful
disarmament of Iraq, saying it was "absurd" to think U.N. inspectors could
find lethal weapons without Baghdad's full cooperation.

"The idea that inspectors could conceivably sniff out the weapons...without
the help of Iraqi authorities is absurd," the prime minister told

"They are not a detective agency and even if they were Iraq is a country
with a land mass roughly the size of France."


Source:  Report of the First Panel, Established pursuant to the Note by the
President of the Security Council on 30 January 1999 (S/1999/100),
Concerning Disarmament and Current and Future Ongoing Monitoring and
Verification Issues, S/1999/356, 27 March 1999, para. 25,


[I]n spite of well-known difficult circumstances, UNSCOM and IAEA have been
effective in uncovering and destroying many elements of Iraq's proscribed
weapons programmes in accordance with the mandate provided by the Security
Council.  It is the panel's understanding that IAEA has been able to devise
a technically coherent picture of Iraq's nuclear weapons programme.  UNSCOM
has achieved considerable progress in establishing material balances of
Iraq's proscribed weapons.  Although important elements still have to be
resolved, the bulk of Iraq's proscribed weapons programmes has been


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