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[casi] US position on Inspections

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I wrote this as a letter to the editor a week ago..Seems even more relevant now. Probably wont be 
published! The new resolution by the US and UK fit in with the plans outlined below.

Cheers, Ken Hanly

The US position on UN Iraq inspections

The US has never really supported the inspection process in Iraq except as a sop to those who want 
any force against Iraq to have UN sanction. The US has consistently maintained that it will take 
unilateral action if necessary and with consuming arrogance assured us that the UN is irrelevant if 
it does not go along. A speech by vice-president Richard Cheney in August 2002 makes clear the US 
position on inspections. I quote:

a person would be right to question any suggestion that we should just get inspectors back into 
Iraq, and then our worries will be over. Saddam has perfected the game of cheat and retreat, and is 
very skilled in the art of denial and deception. A return of inspectors would provide no assurance 
whatsoever of his compliance with U.N. resolutions

Cheney then goes on to make the familiar argument for pre-emptive war. This war will secure Iraq's 
oil resources for foreign investment and project US might in the region. If the inspections uncover 
evidence of non-compliance then all the better from the US point of view. But if they don't, this 
shows inspections dont work. In either event the war will go ahead. Inspections are fine during the 
period necessary to build up troops and prepare for battle. But US patience is running out. 
Translated this means that the US is ready to invade. Inspections are irrelevant to determing 
whether or not there will be an invasion and cannot be allowed to delay its onset.

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