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[casi] bias


I am very worried about the ongoing bias from John Sweeney who fronts
your programmes on Iraq.

Your choice of topic and the treatment thereof must be welcomed by
the British Foreign Office and Tony Blair!

You are in danger of becoming a propaganda machine for the dark
forces within the US/UK establishment who have killed and are killing
many more Iraqis (especially children) than SH has over his whole

The following 2 programmes will obviously help weaken the antiwar
feeling amongst the British people:

After Saddam
Saddam's mass graves

You are excessively anti-SH and pro-UK. The titles themselves give
away your leanings - the choice of 'Saddam' rather than 'Saddam
Hussein'. There seems to be no attempt at balance. Objectivity seems
to be lacking. Are the stories being carefully checked? Do you
remember the incubator story at the time of the Gulf War? The BBC
reported it as true at the time. I've yet to see the BBC report the
truth of the matter!

Even Amnesty International has had to complain about the UK
Government's interest in stories about Iraqi Government atrocities
when they turned a blind eye at the time (and worse still, denied
their existence).

We are systematically being lied to by our leaders on Iraq. Your
programmes do nothing to counter this. All you seem to focus on is
the anti-SH stuff. This is easily found everywhere in the UK media.

How about these possible stories for your team to consider? I can
supply some reference material if you wish.

1)      The effects of DU on civilians in southern Iraq and how the US/UK
have prevented WHO or anyone else investigating.

2)      Media bias when reporting on Iraq eg the incubator story, no
mention of sanctions etc

3)      Iraq was a prosperous country with excellent social provision. Now
we have had a genocide in Iraq. The sanctions and how the US/UK have
killed over 1 million Iraqi civilians, mainly children, and ruined
the lives of millions more. Two successive UN Coordinators resigned
over this genocide - Denis Halliday and Von Sponeck. I'm sure they'll
talk to you.

4)      Targetting of water treatment facilities - how the US deliberately
targetted these in full knowledge of the deadly effects on civilians.
How they used sanctions to ensure these effects.

5)      The role of the US/UK within the secret workings of the 661

6)      The lack of ANY diplomacy from the UK Goverment to help solve the
Iraq problem. eg listen to legitimate Iraqi concerns. How about a non-
agression pact? Security guarantees?

7)    The original UN resolution calling for the disarmament of Iraq
also called for disarmament in the region. What steps have the UK
government taken to apply this to Israel? Has the UK government
called for Israel to sign the non-proliferation treaty? What about

8)    Why is the approach to Iraq so aggressive when Israel is STILL
occupying East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as well as
expanding illegal settlements? Why is the UK Government (and
therefore of course Correspondent) silent about Israeli non-
compliance with UN resolutions, Israeli destruction of civilian
homes, expansion of settlements etc? Does the UK think that it is
fair and just that the proposed 'peace process' involves the
Palestinians under occupation and siege with miserable living
conditions negotiating with a heavily armed oppressor?

9)    The so called 'no-fly zones: NO authority from the UNSC. The
US/UK will not tell us their estimates of casualties. The US objected
strongly when the UN began documenting the number of civilian

10)             UK dossiers - why do people not believe them?

11)     During Desert Fox, Tony Blair said that they were targetting
soldiers asleep in their barracks. What are the estimates of the
Iraqi casualties from that bombing?

12)       Why has Parliament been refused a vote on authorising the
threat of force against Iraq? What role do our MP's have in any of
this? Why are so many British people frustrated enough to go on a
march in London but feel that to write to their MP is a waste of

13)             Casualties: we keep on hearing about what the Iraqi regime may
have done but what about what our leaders are responsible for? If our
heavily armed Government wishes to go to war then surely they must be
held accountable for what they do. This is only possible with
information. How many military and civilian casualties from: The Gulf
War, sanctions, so called 'no fly zone' bombing, Desert Fox and the
new war?

14)             UK Government lies & half truths on Iraq - lots of material

15)             Tony Blair's recent change of tack stressing the need to depose
SH for the sake of the Iraqi people. This should be exposed for what
it is - a cynical attempt to manipulate public opinion.  He can
however be 'got' on this issue: Firstly 'because of the way Saddam
has implemented sanctions' does not stand up to even the most cursory
examination and secondly because he is admitting something of the
tremendous human damage being caused by the sanctions.

16)             The UN - under threat from the US/UK. They ignore it when they
wish eg so called 'no fly zones', Desert Fox, Israel etc. They
threaten it if it doesn't do what they want. Blair talks about
ignoring the UN if there is an 'unreasonable' veto but the US/UK are
quite happy to use the veto themselves.

There are plenty of avenues for you to explore here. I won't hold my

Mark Parkinson
20 Homefield Park
PL31 1DJ

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