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[casi] Iraqi media well prepared - article from Radio Nederlands

Interesting two part article from Radio Nederlands Wereldomroep (see
URLs for full article)

Iraqi media well prepared
by Andy Sennitt, 14 February 2003

Part I:

"One of the chief targets of allied bombing was the jewel in the crown
of the regime: the huge shortwave transmitter complex that had been
constructed in the mid-1980's at Salah El Deen, close to Iraq's western
border. No less than 16 transmitters of 500 kW were installed there,
making it the largest single-location shortwave site in the world. Some
shortwave listeners at the time refused to believe that such a large
installation had been constructed in a relatively small country, but a
person closely involved in the work - which was done in great secrecy by
a European company - actually sent us a detailed site plan of the
installation on condition that we did not publish it!"

Part 2:

"Radio Tikrit
"A few weeks ago, radio monitors in northern Scandinavia reported
hearing a new Arabic language radio station on mediumwave 1584 kHz, on
the air at 1900-2100 UTC. The station identifies as Radio Tikrit, named
after the city where Saddam Hussein was born. It's the location of a
major Iraqi military base, and Saddam has the most lavish of his palaces
there. At first it was assumed to be one of the many opposition radio
stations broadcasting to Iraq - 27 at the last count. But detailed
analysis of one of its broadcasts by BBC Monitoring revealed it to be
airing pro-Saddam material. Is this really a new Iraqi radio station, or
a US-funded "black clandestine" operation designed to confuse the Iraqi
people? We're currently trying to find out."

Cathy Aitchison

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