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[casi] FW: Voting intentions

For a brief moment, I thought the Pope might work his magic. Now I am
pinning my hopes on another miracle - the election of Kenneth Clarke as
leader of the Tories.

To Hon David Stewart MP for Inverness East, Nairn and Lochaber

Hello David

As this may be a defining week in British politics, you may be interested in
my current voting intentions.

I am a classical floating voter. I voted for Tony Blair in 1997 to get rid
of the Tories, and then LibDem at the next election, because we had done too
good a job defeating the Tories, and there was no longer any credible

The LibDems have been a great disappointment, and under current Tory
leadership, the Tories aren't opposing at all on what are emerging as the
most important issues.

The issue that is inflaming the passions of millions of voters like myself
is Iraq. The bottom line is that I have less fear of Saddam and his weapons
of mass destruction than I do of George W, and his evangelical zeal to
enforce his vision of American values on the rest of the world. To put it
bluntly, I dislike and distrust Bush more than Saddam.

For Tony Blair to have made such a close alliance with Bush is, in my view,
an act of folly. As long as he is leader of your party, there is no way that
you will ever get my vote.

I am now left with the choice of LibDems or Tories. If by a miracle, IDS is
removed from office and Kenneth Clarke becomes leader, then amazingly, the
Tories will get my vote. (I can't remember ever having voted Tory before).
Otherwise, it may just have to be the LibDems.

The debate on Iraq this week is less about the rights and wrongs of
disarming Saddam Hussein, than about confidence in Tony Blair. There is only
one possibility that I would vote for you, that is, if Tony Blair is removed
and replaced by someone not in the pocket of George Bush. I can't at the
moment think of any viable candidates.

It's a tough one. I look forward with great interest to seeing whether the
mass of the British public who think like me are going to become
re-enfranchised with leaders that represent our views.

Good luck in your decision on Wednesday.

Best regards, Michael

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