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[casi] FW: How should the world's peoples respond to US aggression against Iraq ?

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How should the world's peoples respond to US
aggression against Iraq ?

In the case the United States (and allies) will bomb,
invade and occupy Iraq, the international community
will face an immense challenge to respond to such a
blatant act of aggression that would not only violate
international law and undermine the United Nations
system but threaten to lead to a  regional or perhaps
a world-wide conflict.  Under present circumstances,
any attempt to deter this aggression by military means
could lead to a global conflagration, an option no
sane person could propose.  For this reason,  an
appropriate political response should be envisaged.

The following proposal is presented for discussion,
elaboration and adoption by individuals,
organisations, movements and States that are
determined to uphold the principles and purposes of
the United Nations and the rule of law in
international relations. It bases on the assumption
that mere verbal condemnation of US aggression would
neither deter such policies nor achieve the prompt
withdrawal of US forces from Iraq. The proposal should
hopefully serve as a list of demands that civil
society opposed to war and aggression could espouse in
the wake of a potential aggression against Iraq.

Should the US (and allies) initiate a bombing campaign
and invasion of Iraq, civil society, individually and
collectively, should demand from governments the
adoption of the following  peaceful measures:

(1) Recall their Ambassador from Washington;

(2) Convene an emergency session of the UN General
Assembly to be held outside the United States to
discuss the threat to, and breach of, the peace by the
United States (and allies) in order to adopt measures
to deal with that threat/breach under the United for
Peace procedure [that permits the General Assembly to
undertake measures for the maintenance of
international peace and security when the Security
Council is unable or unwilling to act, due to a veto
of one or more of its permanent members];

(3) Transfer the headquarters of the United Nations,
the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank,
from the United States to another jurisdiction,
preferably that of a peace-loving, non-nuclear State;

(4) Demand the immediate dismantlement of the
worldwide network of US military bases and
installations and the repatriation of US military and
auxiliary personnel;

(5) Suspend from the United Nations, the IMF, the
World Bank, the World Trade Organisation, the OECD and
NATO, the membership of States that have committed the
act of aggression against Iraq, until such States have
solemnly pledged to abide unconditionally by the
provisions of the UN Charter and international law,
abolish their stocks of weapons of mass destruction
and accept their responsibilities for the consequences
of their violations of international law and the UN

(6) Amend the Charter of the United Nations to reflect
the aspirations of the world's peoples for a more
just, democratic and peaceful world order.

Drafted by Elias Davidsson ( on 23
February 2003

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