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Active Resistance to the Roots of War (ARROW)
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Horseferry Magistrates' Court, 24th February 2003: Nine anti-war
campaigners, who blocked traffic in Whitehall for 3 hours last December in
an anti-war protest scored a court victory today when the Crown Prosecution
Service (CPS) 'discontinued' the cases against them on the day that they
were to have stood trial.

Thirty four people were arrested at the 'Warzone Whitehall' protest last
December 2 at which over 100 people - including Green MEP Caroline Lucas and
comic Mark Thomas - risked arrest by 'dying-in' in the road. (see  for pics and reports)

The nine - Josephine Donagh (Oxford), Sylvia Boyes (Keighley), Olivia Agate,
Josh Robinson and Nick Gill (Cambridge), Geny Bove (Wrexham), Liz Yates
(Maidstone), and Lucy Lucy and David Polden (London) - hailed the CPS
decision as a victory for the anti-war cause.

In a letter to one of the defendants the CPS claimed that it was
discontinuing her case because there was 'not enough evidence to provide a
realistic prospect of conviction' - a palpably absurd claim given the
circumstances of her arrest (in the middle of Whitehall.on a Monday morning
suurounded by police and CCTV cameras).

David Polden (61) of Highgate said 'After the massive anti-war march on the
15th I'm not surprised that the CPS don't want activists putting the war on
trial in the courts. Today's decision has only reinforced my determination
to resist this illegal and immoral war'.

To interview  or arrange a photo of the defendants please contact: 0845 458
2564/ 0794 7839992.

sign the pledge of resistance to the "war on terrorism"

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