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RE: [casi] Blix orders Destruction of Iraq missiles

Dear Hassan and list
Just a quick message

I am sure that the ONLY way to stop the western warmongering against Iraq is
to point out to the western leaders the following:

1- If Iraq as a member of the UN to implement the UN resolutions then other
members (Israel) should implement also the UN resolutions. Israel has since
1948 refused to implement more than 50 UNSC and GA resolutions. What about
UNSC 242 (1200 resolutions ago! 35 years ago!),338 ....

2- It was the western powers (UK and US), and not Iraq, who made the UN
irrelevant by not demanding the Israel comply with the same UN resolutions
that have been repeatedly ignored. It was the western powers who provided
the cover for Israel to disregard the UN yet demand the "total and
unconditional" implementation of "all" the Iraqi resolutions.

3- UNSC687 talks about creating a "nuclear free zone" in the middle-east
including Israel but the western powers want to chase the Iraqi program to
the last document! While they do nothing about Israel 200 plus nuclear bomb!

4- While the western powers talk about human rights in Iraq and accuse the
government of violating our political right they them self, through their
inhuman sanctions, have and are still violating every other right of the
Iraqi people including the right to live in peace and without fear of being
bombed to hell. They have caused the death of half a million children under
the age of 5 (UNICEF report). They will attack savagely Iraq (not an empty
desert but country inhabited by 23 million people) and will cause the
killing of hundreds of thousands of civilians. No human right record of the
Iraqi government could match the killing and death that was , still is and
continue the suffering imposed on the Iraqi people by the same western

5- The western powers tried unsuccessfully to accuse Iraq of having a
connection to Al-Qiada through Ansar Al-Islam and as such should be bombed
we find the Ansar leader Mulla Krekar living comfortably in Norway. Why not
the western powers bomb Norway because of its connection to Al-Qiada? Why
deport Krekar to north of Iraq instead of arresting him on terrorist

I could go on and list so many Why? I think the only way to stop the war is
to ask the western leaders WHY ONLY IRAQ that have to do this or that

If western leaders are asked why only Iraq one will discover that, they have
no answer, and will show the western leaders as a bunch of greedy hypocrites
and nothing will stop their thirst for blood and oil.

The western leaders "boxed" them self in a "double box" they do not know how
to get out of them. If they manage to get out of the first one with "no war"
which will mean that Iraq did comply with UN resolutions then they will find
them self inside another box of "lifting the sanctions" and they don't know
how to get out of that.

The only hope is to show the true picture of the leaders to be greedy
hypocrites and immoral.

Best regards
Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar

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