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Re: [casi] Blix orders Destruction of Iraq missiles

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In a message dated 02/23/2003 8:26:50 AM Central Standard Time, writes:

> 1. We have accepted UNSCOM's allegations that Iraq
> still has WMDs
> 2. We accept the UN's imposed sanctions against Iraq
> until Iraq is "completely disarmed"
> 3. We accept that Iraq (alone) should fully implement
> ALL UNSC resolutions
> It is hypocritical (if not outright immoral) to accept

"We" don't.

I would imagine that Dr. Rowat, who is in fact quite well informed on topic,
was speaking to the specifics of the legalities in this specific discussion
as it relates directly to Iraq's obligations.  Was his a commentary on the
larger picture and the issues relating to the implementation of SCR's in the
region, the premises that you assign to "WE," etc.?  Was he commenting on
fairness?  Was his a moral argument or an attempt to clearly define the
"legal" situation as it is in reality?

Under the law, Iraq has specific obligations, and since the USA is the entity
which enforces these "laws" and designs their interpretation, then those are
the interpretations which are salient.  (reality) I believe that Iraq has
obligations that relate to missile systems which they have violated.
Therefore if Blix does not demand their destruction the US will use that to
further their arguments for war.  Blix knows this, as do the rest of us.  Is
it fair/legal?  Yes, it is fair in legal terms.  Do "we" agree with it?
Totally different question.

Before you assign a lack of morality to me; I believe that all countries
should disarm themselves of WMD, including DU munitions.  I, as Jimmy Carter
stated, believe that the US should lead the disarmament quest by beginning
with themselves.

I believe that the USA, through it's economic and military power, has created
a narrative, and forces the rest of the world to inhabit this narrative.  I
also refute this warped Oikoumene and work within the US pseudo democratic
system to lift the US made boot off the necks of those who feel its weight.
I believe, strongly, that Colin is working towards a similar goal on the
other side of the "pond."

Roger Stroope
Austin College
Sherman Texas, USA

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