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Feb 20 2003


By David Pilditch And Gary Jones

TONY Blair has been found out for a second time misleading the public with old allegations against 
Saddam Hussein.

The Prime Minister claimed that an "increasing numbers of Iraqi exiles" are "writing direct" to his 
office about atrocities under Saddam's regime.

The Downing Street website quotes extracts and emails from four so-called independent Iraqis.

But rather than being concerned refugees, the Daily Mirror can reveal that at least two of the four 
named people have well-established links with the Iraq National Congress, the opposition-in-exile 
group, and the US State Department.

The first Iraqi exile named is Dr Adil Awadh, who is described as a "doctor who treated Iraqi 
soldiers whose ears were deliberately cut off as punishment".

However, Dr Awadh's allegations first appeared in the Washington Post on June 26, 1998.

At the time Dr Awadh was a member of the US-backed opposition group, the Iraqi National Accord, and 
made the ear-cutting allegations to support his application for political asylum in the United 

A second doctor Munther Alfadhal is quoted as saying that "we Iraqis have suffered enormously under 

But Downing Street did not say Dr Alfadhal was a member of a US State Department working group on 
the future of Iraq, He is said to have drafted a replacement constitution.

Only 10 days ago Mr Blair was exposed for plagiarising reports for his war dossier.

TONY Blair was yesterday accused of misquoting UN official Sergio Vieira de Mello as backing regime 
change in Iraq. Mr de Mello's office later said that his remarks had been "mistranslated".

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