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[casi] Fw: Iraq action update

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Dear Friend,
On 30th January Oxfam launched an email petition calling on Tony Blair not to start a war on Iraq.

I am delighted to say that we have had a fantastic response from supporters with over 14,000 people 
taking action. However the deadline for submitting our email petition is fast approaching.

Together we can make a real difference - all we need is your action. Please take a minute to send a 
message to Tony Blair and to spread this email to your friends, family and colleagues.

Email Prime Minister Tony Blair at:

The people of Iraq are still suffering the effects of bombing during the 1991 Gulf War. Twelve 
years of economic sanctions, and their own government's policies, have made things worse.

Nearly two-thirds of Iraqis - more than 15 million people - depend entirely on food rations 
distributed by their government. Any attack, particularly if it destroys roads and bridges, could 
stop the food reaching those people.

When Oxfam aid workers first entered Iraq at the end of the 1991 Gulf War, they found a public 
health disaster. There was sewage in the streets because air strikes had destroyed the electricity 
supplies, which powered sanitation systems. Twelve years later, much of that damage has still not 
been repaired. Similar attacks now could make things even worse.

Those who propose war have not yet shown that any threat from Iraq is so imminent that it justifies 
the risk of so much human suffering. For more information see:


  a.. Email Prime Minister Tony Blair at:
  b.. Forward this email to 15 or more friends, family or colleagues.
Thank you for your support,

Anna MacDonald
Conflict Campaign Manager
Oxfam GB

PS Due to an overwhelming response when we launched this action, we experienced technical 
difficulties which meant some people were unable to take the action. These problems have now been 
resolved. If you tried and didn't get through please try again!


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