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Re: [casi] Blair's speech -- keep the momentum going

In message <002901c2d609$4ca16310$cf18bd50@Laptop>, Glenn Bassett
<> writes
>Blair seems to be trying to ignore the many complicated consequences of war
>(I think he knows he's lost those arguments now) and to reduce the issue in
>people's minds to a simple black and white choice: get rid of Saddam or
>leave him. In my view we should be responding quickly and in numbers to this
>argument by pointing out the assumptions in this line, and all the points it
>leaves unanswered.

In debating with those who advocate war, perhaps we should challenge the
blue-print being put forward for post-war Iraq:  commentators so far
seem to think that there will be a short military mission - eg. under
Gen. Tommy Franks(!) - followed quickly by a transfer to an Iraqi

How realistic is this?  Who will be consulted in the reconstruction of
Iraq?  In particular, how much will the post-war 'regime' involve small-
scale 'ordinary' Iraqis - especially women?

Often it's the grass-roots people who (invisibly) hold things together
when times are tough - to leave them out because the international
agencies are thinking only in the larger scale is a recipe for disaster.

For discussion on the post-conflict recovery process (in Kosovo), see
the articles and reports of Lesley Abdela, who was Deputy Director for
Democratisation for the OSCE Mission in Kosovo during 1999-2000.

She illustrates how quickly ordinary, local people can become
disillusioned during a period of international control and
unities.html - Missed Opportunities, Lessons For The Future,2763,193532,00.html - Men with
a Mission: No Women
(brief quote below)

Cathy Aitchison

quote from 'Missed Opportunities, Lessons For The Future':
'The local population has felt impeded rather than liberated by UNMIK
(UN Mission in Kosovo) despite UNMIK's remit. Part of the problem was/is
the Kosovar population and community leaders felt/feel completely
excluded from the process of trying to find new solutions. They were
neither employed - other than as drivers and interpreters - nor

'A Kosovar delegate at a meeting I attended of sixty NGO leaders said:
"You 'internationals' are polluting our air and clogging up our roads
with all your white vehicles. You refuse to employ us as professionals
in your organisations. There are thousands of you. You all make promises
but we neither see action from you 'internationals' nor do you provide
us with funds to get on with things ourselves." '
Cathy Aitchison

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