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[casi] commemorate Gulf War atrocities this Thursday- chalk the pavements

Please pass this on

Some friends and i are going to do a simple action this Thursday 13th
february to commmemorate the near 400 people killed at the Ameriya shelter
in Baghdad in the early hours Valentines Day 1991 and the bombing of
Fallujah market place by the RAF 12 hours later, killing about 130 people.
We hope others commemorate Ameriya and Fallujah where they live on Feb
13th/14th. For details of the Ameriya bombing see
For detials of fallujah see

We will chalk the names of the victims of the bombings on pavements around
central London. Many of the names (see below) are very common Iraqi names,
so the names are also likely to be the names of people facing death at the
hands of the US and UK this time round too. We thought other folk might like
to do similar things in their towns, to bring home to people that there are
real people in Iraq.
Folk who want to join us in london meet up Thursday 13th February at 6pm at
Westminster tube. Bring your own chalk. Obviously if it's raining this can't
happen on thursday, in which case make your own arrangements and do it some
other time

The Ameriya bombing is highly significant because it has put most Iraqis off
using civilian shelters after the US directly targetted one in 1991. Thsi
means not many of them will use shelters during the bombing being planned.
The same day (Feb 14th) the RAF bombed a market place in Fallujah, at about
3pm, about 30 miles west of Baghdad killing about 130 people. i visited
Fallujah market place in mid afternoon one day in January 2001 and met some
of the people who had lost limbs and lost family members that day.

People should be aware you can be arrested for criminal damage for chalking
pavements, though to my knowledge no one has ever been charged with it.
To get a better idea re your rights, arrest procedures etc have a look at
the activists legal project website
The likeliest scenario if the police do arrest people is that they either
release you without charge or offer you a caution- please remember accepting
a caution is an admission of guilt, and it does get added to your criminal
record. In my view it would be v silly to accept a caution for chalking
pavements as the police would be very unlikely to take you to court as they
would be laughed out of the place.


List of Names of Amiriya Shelter's Victims
                    (Note: Names and information from "Amiriya Shelter: US
most Savage
                              Crime of the Century" published by the Iraqi
Ministry Of Culture
                              and Information, 1996.)


Iman Naif Ahmed, female student, born 1973.++ Ibrahim Naif Ahmed, male
student, born 1980.++
Abd al-karim abd, wage earner, born 1934.++ Bushra Abd, female student, born
Saddia Abd, born 1979.  ++ Suad Habib Khasim, housewife, born 1954.++
Asma' Sa'id Ahmed, student, born 1975.++ Isra' Said Ahmed, born 1977.++
Imad Sa'id Ahmed, male, born 1979. ++ Ala' Said Ahmed, female, born 1983.++
Fou'd Said Ahmec, male, born 1981. ++ Bayda Said Ahmed, female child, born
Intessar Said Ahmed, born 1988. ++  Sabiha Mahammed Abbas, housewife, born
Amel Mohammed Abbas, student, born 1963. ++  Iman Mohammed Abbas, born
Fakria Abbas ALi, civil servant, born 1953. ++  Othman Firas Hussein, female
student, born 1981.++
Asma' Firas Hussein, female student, born 1981.++  ALi Firas Hussein, male
student, born 1980.++
Shayma Firas Hussein, housewife, born 1982. ++  Adnan Firas Hussein, male
child, born 1986.++
Kahtan Firas Hussein, born 1987. ++   ALia' Firas Hussein, female, born
Karima Rasheed Daher, midwife nurse, born 1941.++ Kulud Akram Saleh, civil
servant, born 1964.++
Nadwan Akram Saleh, housewife, born 1969. ++  Nabia Mansour, born 1937.++
Sundus Shakir Mohammed, civil servant, born 1957. ++  Yehaia Mohammed, male
student, born 1962.++
Shakir Mohammed Salman, retired, born 1932. ++ Yasir Mohammed Bashid, child,
born 1990.++
Nadima Abbas Thamer, housewife, born 1953.++ Mustafa Salah Abed Mohammed,
male child, born 1989.
Sammer Abed al-Rasul Abbas, student, born 1948. ++ Ahmed Abed al-Rassul,
born 1985.++
Mohammed Abed al-Rassul Abbas, born 1988. ++  Hayder Abed al-Rassul Abbas,
child, born 1989.++
Majeda jouhi, female civil servant, born 1969. ++   kaydan Kassem Thwiny,
male student, born 1977.++
Ala' Ja'far Khuddyer, male student, born 1966. ++ Razkiya Sharief Abed,
housewife, born 1945.++
Ala' Ibrahim Yassien, student, born 1971. ++   Rawa Ibrahim Yassien, born
Nadia Ibrahim Yassien, born 1985.  ++  Saif Ibrahim Yassien, male student,
born 1981.++
Fa'za Aziz Hassen, female civil servant, born 1967. ++  Rasha Aziz Hassen,
child, born 1985.++
Samira Ibrahim khadam, student, born 1979.  ++ Amsha Abbas Samir, housewife,
born 1934.++
Hameed Majeed al-Bayaty, male retired, born 1940. ++  Fawzia Abed al-Mahdy,
female, born 1946.++
Wafika Khalil Ibrahim, housewife, born 1930.  ++  Maythem Hameed Majeed,
male student, born 1976.++
Shayma' Haed Majeed, female, born 1979. ++  Nada Najem Abeed, housewife,
born 1966.++
Hayder Mohammed Hameed, male child, born 1990.++ Karima Ma'uif Ali,
housewife, born 1949.++
Sabiha Mohammed Khalef, born 1950. ++  Waled Abed al-Alah Ibrahim, student,
born 1977.++
Noor Abed al-Alah Ibrahim, born 1980. ++  Ibrahim Abed al-Alah Ibrahim,
male, born 1982.++
Marwa Abed al-Alah Ibrahim, female child, born 1988. ++  Makbula Hassen,
housewife, born 1940.++
Khadija Hassen, born 1935.  ++ Shakha Ahmed Hamoud, born 1916.++
Lam'ia Ali Ahmed, born 1954. ++  Zina Youssef Wais, student, born 1981.++
Nesrin Youssef Wais, born 1983. ++  Fatima Youssef, child, born 1986.++
Ahmed Youssef Waiss, male, born 1989. ++  Adiba Aswad Shamel, housewife,
born 1930.++
Alia Nasser Hussein, student, born 1975. ++ Najat Nasser Hussein, female
student, born 1976.++
Fatima Nasser Hussein, born 1978. ++   Ali Nasser Hussein, male, born
Iman Nasser Hussein, female, born 1982. ++ Sajeda Atia Sharji, housewife,
born 1956.++
Odai Saleh Khafoori, male student, born 1979. ++  Ahmed Saleh Khafoori, born
Dalal Saleh Khafoori, female, born 1981. ++   Kossai Saleh Khafoori, male,
born 1983.++
Saif Saleh Khafoori, child, born 1988. ++  Salima Hammadi Saleh, female
teacher, born 1945.++
Manal Ahmed Idan, student, born 1970. ++ Shayma Ahmed Idan, female student,
born 1974.++
Mo'ttaz Ahmed Idan, male, born 1989. ++  Ghassan Hussein Ibrahim, retired,
born 1937.++
Summia Ibrahim Humoud, female teacher, born 1947. ++
Moayed Hameed Hamed, male wage earner, born 1943.++
Hana Hameed Hamed, housewife, born 1959. ++  Sada Hameed Hamed, student,
born 1981.++
Zina Muayed Hameed, born 1980. ++   Khalid Muayed Hameed, male child, born
Mohammed Muayed Hameed, born 1990. ++  Sate'a Hameed Hamed, housewife, born
Durayed Ra ad Sa'adi, male student, born 1974. ++  Lina Ra'ad Sa'adi,
female, born 1976.++
Nidhal Sa'adi Kamal, female retired, born 1945. ++ Bassam Mouthana Rashid,
male student, born 1976.++
Mayes Samir Rashid, female, born 1982. ++  Liza Samir, born 1985.  ++
Samir Heshmet Ghaith, male child, born 1989. ++ Qammera Hussein Khidher,
housewife, born 1920.++
Fadhila Abbas Obid, born 1939.++ Iman Mohammed Ali, civil servant, born
Shatha Mohammed Ali, born 1968. ++ Nadwa Mohammed Ali, student, born 1972.++
Maha Mohammed Ali, born 1976. ++  Ja'afer Mohammed Ali, male, born 1975. ++
Baer Mohammed Ali, born 1976. ++  Nuha Mohammed Ali, female student, born
Iman Abed Obid, housewife, born 1968. ++ Gufran Hussein Mehmood, child, born
Salman Dhia Fadhel, male student, born 1975. ++  Shayma Dhia Fadhel, female,
born 1974.++
Hassen Salman Abed al-Qader, male retired, born 1931++ Fatima Abed
al-Mona'm, housewife, born 1935
Sana Hassen Salman      ++     Wafa Hassen Salman
Mohammed Kadhim Abbas, male child, born 1990.++    Layla Hassen Salman,
female ++
Manal Hassen Salman       ++     Euona Hassen, female  ++
Rabab Abed al-Ameer Mustafa, housewife, born 1935.++
Zaid Ala' Abed al-Ameer, male student, born 1982.++
Adnan Hassen Sa'id, retired, born 1935.  ++ Amal Adnan Hussein, female civil
servant, born 1964.++
Inas Adnan Sa'id, student, born 1976. ++  Hind Ra'ad Mohammed Sa'id, child,
born 1987.++
Ahlam Kamal Mohammed, housewife, born 1945.++Awes Adnan Hussein, male
student, born 1978.++
Hala Ra'ad Mohammed Sa'id, female child, born 1991.++Nedhal Mehmood Mussa,
housewife, born 1948.
Manar Abed al-Karim Fathi, student, born 1979. ++ Dalia Abed al- Mohmmed,
born 1980.++
Mustafa Abed al-Karim Mohammed, male student, born 1984++
Hala Abed al-Karim Mohammed, female child, born 1985.++
Sabiha Abed Alah Reks, housewife, born 1944. ++  Elham Abed Alah, civil
servant, born 1961.++
Sabiha Radhi Rahim, housewife, born 1939. ++ Ibtessam Rashid Sahab, student,
born 1969.++
Wijdan Rashid Sahab, born 1971.  ++   Belal Rashid Sahab, male, born 1977.
Mayes Sa'ad Mehmood, female child, born 1985. ++ Mohammed Sa'ad Mehmood,
male, born 1987.++
Awatef Mehmood Mossa, female civil servant, born 1960.++ Shatha Kadhim
Isma'il, teacher, born 1957.++
Hiba Abed al-Majid, child, born 1985. ++  Raja' Mohammed Sayaj, housewife,
born 1958.++
Rana Hameed, female student, born 1980. ++  Shayma Hameed Abood, born
Rasha Hammed Abood, born 1984. ++  ALi Hameed Abood, male child, born
Daina Hammeed Abood, female, born 1990. ++  Ammar Ahmed, male student, born
Walid ALi Salman, male, born 1974. ++  Amer Qassem ALi, male, born 1975.++
Adila Abed, housewife, born 1925. ++  Sally Ahmed Salman, student, born
Seham Saleh Mahdi, civil servant, born 1946. ++  Hussein ALi Ibrahim, male
student, born 1982.++
Samah Ali Ibrahim, female, born 1983. ++  Mahia Ahmed Yassin, born 1982.++
Samira Hameed Saleh, housewife, born 1961. ++  Rula Sabah Abed al-Hameed,
student, born 1982.++
Mohammed Sabah Abed, male, born 1984. ++ Abir Sabah Abed al-Hameed, female
child, born 1987.++
Wassen Ref'at ALi, student, born 1980. ++ Wissam Ref'at ALi, male, born
ALi Kadim, male, born 1975. ++   joodi Waiss al Doori, retired, born 1924.++
Belkis Hassani, housewife, born 1934. ++  Nawal joodi, teacher, born 1958.++
jamiLa joodi, civil servant, born 1961. ++  Thawra joodi, housewife, born
Iman Kamel Hamoodi, student, born 1975. ++  Samira Baha, teacher, born
ALia' kamal Mustafa, student, born 1971.  ++  Omar Kamal Mustafa, male, born
Seham Kalifa Kattab, female, born 1943. ++  Raja' Hussein Noori, born
Rasmia Abed, born 1940. ++  Amal Khudier Dhari, born 1964.++
Hind Dafer Fayssel, child, born 1989. ++  Shahed Dafer Fayssel, born 1988.++
Bassima Khudier Dhari, born 1970. ++   Bushra Ahmed, born 1977.++
Shayma Ali Hussein, student, born 1976. ++  Mohammed ALi Hussein, male, born
Mustafa ALi Hussein, born 1981. ++  Hussein ALi Hussein, born 1974.++
Hadil Talib, female child, born 1989. ++  Karar TaLib, male, born 1990.++
Samira Daham jassem, female student, born 1961. ++ Adnan Daham jassem, male
student, born 1976.++
Hamida Fayadh Ibrahim, female retired, born 1927.++ Iftikhar Rahim Kalil,
housewife, born 1972.++
Ahmed Kalil Ibrahim, male student, born 1970.++ Wa'al Mohammed Abed Ali,
male student, born 1980.+
Rabia' Faris Abbas, housewife, born 1954.++  Maher Sadoon, male student,
born 1971.++
Lamia Abed Alah Saleh, female retired, born 1937. ++  Qhtan Ismail, male,
born 1940.++
Afrah Mohammed Fiadh, female child, born 1985.++
Mehmood Mohammed Fiadh, male wage earner,  born 1965.++
Fadhila Ghdban Mohammed, housewife, born 1942.++ Ali Hussein Mohammed, male
student, born 1980.
Shatha Hussein Mohammed, female, born 1977. ++  Zina Hussein Mohammed, born
Mohammed Hussein Mohammed, male child, born 1986.++ Adiba Ahmed, female
teacher, born 1942.++
Ghada Muhammed Khudiar, student, born 1970. ++  Abir Mohammed Khudiar, born
Ghaida Mohammed Khudiar, born 1977. ++ Rana Mohammed Khudiar, born 1975.++
Alia Alwan Manhel, housewife, born 1938. ++  Sausan Abbas, civil servant,
born 1968.++
Maha Abbas, student, born 1973. ++   Muntaha Abbas, born 1976.++
Hassan Ali Hussein, male, born 1976. ++  Eftekar Farid Al-Said, housewife,
born 1946.++
Mohammed Al-Said Farid, male student, born 1978. ++  Ahmed Al-Said Farid,
born 1980.++
Mehmood Al-Said Farid, born 1982.  ++  A'ssma Al-Said, female, born 1984.++
Hafsa Mohammed Mustafa, housewife, born 1968. ++  Mohammed Ahmed al-Knas,
male child, born 1988.
Salma Ahmed al-Knas, female, born 1989. ++  Fatema Hassan al-Mustafa,
housewife, born 1942.++
Amena Mohammel al-Mustafa, student, born 1973. ++ Jumana Mohammed
al-Mustafa, born 1975.++
Rafi' Mohammed al-Mustafa, male, born 1974. ++ Hassan Mohammed al-Mustafa,
born 1983.++
Khadija Mohammed al-Mustafa, female, born 1984. ++ Nidhal Rashid Mohammed,
housewife, born 1959.
Noor Saad Hammadi, child, born 1989. ++  Mustafa Saad Hammadi, male, born
Farah Saad Hammadi, female, born 1987.++  Rajeha Mehmood Fawzi, housewife,
born 1945.++
Rana Musleh Hammadi, student, born 1977.++  Hind Musleh Hammadi, born
Rusul Musleh Hammadi, born 1971. ++ Hammza Musleh Hammadi, male, born
Samira Ibrahim Saleh, housewife, born 1947. ++   Khulud Rahim Batawi, female
student, born 1971.++
Sajeda Rahim Batawi, born 1972.++ Eyiad Rahim Batawi, male, born 1980.++
Ala Rahim Batawi, born 1983.  ++  Haifa Ja'far ali, housewife, born 1950. ++
Fua'ad Tariq Ahmed, male student, born 1979. ++  Karrar Tariq Ahmed, child,
born 1985++
Zina Tariq Ahmed, female student, born 1977. ++  Lina Tariq Ahmed, born
Yassir Taha Shaghani, male, born 1982.  ++   Raja Qassem Muhssen, female,
born 1976.++
Amira Murshed Rashid, housewife, born 1957. ++  Firas Fawzi Abed al-Razaq,
male student, born 1977.+
Fadia fawzi Abed al-Razaq, female, born 1978. ++ Murad Fawzi Abed al-Razaq,
male, born 1980.++
Belal Fawzi Abed al-Razaq, born 1983. ++  Baha Fawzi Abed al-Razaq, born
Ala Fawzi Abed al-Razaq, born 1975. ++   Samiha Ibrahim Hameed, housewife,
born 1941.++
Wi'am Abed al-Kalil, born 1974. ++   Ibtehal Abed al-Kalil, born 1974.++
A'thir Abed al-Kalil, male, born 1977. ++   Hussein Abed Ali, born 1924.++
Sa'dia Kasseb, housewife, born 1924. ++   Nebha Naif, born 1945.++
Sahera Naif, born 1957. ++  Mohammed Hussein Abed Ali, male student, born
Ahmed Hussein Abed Ali, born 1974. ++   Mustafa Hussein Abed Ali, born
Omer Hussein Abed Ali, born 1980.  ++   Hadi Hussein Abed Ali, born 1970.++
Sa'ad Hussein Abed Ali, born 1982. ++  Sa'ad Abed al-Hameed Al-Rawi,
retired,  born 1946.++
Hutham Kalil jawad, female teacher, born 1948. ++  A'fia Sa'ad Abed
al-Hameed, student, born 1978. ++ Omer Sa'ad Abed al-Hameed, male, born
1979.++   Hiba Sa'ad Abed al-Hameed, female, born 1983. ++ Ilham Kalil
jawad, civil servant, born 1950.++   A'thra Ibrahim jawad, born 1941. ++
Buthina Mohammed Khalaf, housewife, born 1937. ++   Sami'a Mustafa Zaidan,
born 1932. ++
Bushra Meftah  Mohammed, student, born 1974. ++ BelKhis Abed al-Karim
Mushir, housewife, born 1945.
Izdehar Abed al-Wahab Mustafa, student, born 1966.++ Fatima Khudiar Mustaf,
civil servant, born 1968.
Zainab Khudiar Mustaf, student, born 1971. ++ Sukaina Khudiar Mustaf, female
student, born 1973. +      Belal Khudiar Mustaf, male, born 1984.++  Wedad
Kalil al Da'ad, housewife, born 1951.  ++
Hind Majed Ibrahim, female student, born 1972. ++   Lu'ai Majed Ibrahim,
male, born 1978. ++               Saif Majed Ibrahim, born 1984.  ++   Safa
Majed Ibrahim, female child, born 1990. ++
Fadhila Latif Mohammed, housewife, born 1938.++    Intessar Jaber Kalil,
born 1960. ++                       Hajem Jaber Tala, male wage earner, born
1918.++  Makia Hawas Khalaf, housewife, born 1918. ++      Sharifa Hussein
Saghira, born 1930. ++    Suhad Qassim Hajim, student, born 1976. ++
Zainab Qassim Hajim, born 1977. ++  Wazban Qassim Hajim, male, born 1982.++
Dhul-Fikar Qassim Hajim, male student, born 1983.++ Shayma' Kadoori Nasser,
born 1980. ++
Muna Kadoori Nasser, born 1980.++ Rassmia Abdullah Saleh, housewife, born
Ibtessam Hameed Abdullah, teacher, born 1953.++  Nahlla Hameed, student,
born 1967. ++
Affin Sa'di Taha, student, born 1982. ++   Nivin Sa'di Taha, born 1985. ++
Lian Sa'di Taha, born 1986.++  Kissma Jabar Ahmed, housewife, born 1949.++
Ali Akram, male student, born 1979.++ Othman Akram, born 1983.++
Jinan Akram, female child, born 1986. ++  Majid Hameed, male retired, born
Sabiha Rashid Saleh, housewife, born 1943.++ A'ssma Majid Hameed, student,
born 1970.++
Ahmed Saleh Shehab, female, born 1968. ++  Niran Saleh Shehab, female
student, born 1971.++
U'ruba Saleh Shehab, born 1975.  ++   Ahlam Saleh Shehab, born 1967.++
Khalidia Hamed Ameen, housewife, born 1934. ++ Rajeha Abedulla, teacher,
born 1942.++
Nasser Mohammed Fiadh, male student, born 1974.++  Mohammed Omer Abed
al-Hussein, born 1976.+
Sana' Taha Mohammed, female civil servant, born 1951.++ Safa' Ali Hussein,
male student, born 1977.++
Wassen Ali Hussein, female, born 1979.++  Mohammed Jassim Muqhbel, male,
born 1983.++
Hafsa Abed al-Khadder, housewife, born 1929. ++ Mohammed Abed al-Khadder,
male student, born 1973.+
Salma Abed Rahi, housewife, born 1958. ++ Mustafa Hameed Jabbar, male
student, born 1977.++
Mohammed Hameed Jabbar, born 1982. ++  Ahmed Hameed Jabbar, child, born
Najat Fadhel, housewife, born 1953.++ Ussama Abed, male student, born
Issra' Abed, female child, born 1984. ++ Yehia Abed, male, born 1985.++
Hiba Abed, female, born 1990. ++ Malika Nawaf Dhaher, housewife, born
Karam Abed Aziz, male student, born 1982. ++  Yatherb Abed, female, born
Farah Abed, born 1986. ++  Arwa Abed, child, born 1988.++
Khulud Hameed, housewife, born 1963. ++ Shayma' Dawood Rokan, student, born
Inas Sami Dawood, born 1985.++ Ali Sami Dawood, male, born 1987.++
Sara Sami Dawood, female child, born 1990.  ++   Farah Sami Dawood, born
Hana' Mohammed, housewife, born 1951.  ++  Shayma' Kalil Ibrahim, student,
born 1973.++
Ghaid' Kalil Ibrahim, born 1975.  ++   Zina Kalil Ibrahim, born 1978.++
Ali Kalil Ibrahim, male student, born 1982. ++  Issera' Kalil Ibrahim,
female teacher, born 1969.++
Randa Mohammed Kamel, child, born 1990. ++  Nawal Ibrahim Ali, housewife,
born 1949.++
Shwooki Shamoon, female, born 1948. ++  Safa' Mohammed Ali, male retired,
born 1937.++
Sarmad Safa' Mohammed, student, born 1978. ++ Madiha Mohammed Amin,
housewife, born 1924.++
Efaf Saleh Mehmood, born 1956. ++  Batool Saleh Mehmood, born 1955.++
Zahra' Ghaish Saleh, student, born 1982.  ++   Huda Ghaish Saleh, born
Sana' Yossif Abu-, female.  ++    Wafia Mohammed Majid, teacher, born
Zahra' Mohammed Nader, student, born 1979. ++   Marwan Mohammed Nader, male,
born 1985.++
Samira Abed aL-Karim, housewife, born 1938.   ++   Amira Abed al-karim, born
Talia' Ahmed    ++       Jarid Jassem Mohammed, housewife, born 1944.++
Mahdi Mohammed Saleh, male student.  ++     Mohammed Ahmed Talet   ++
Mohammed Hussein Saleh    ++    Sa'dia Jawad, female civil servant, born
Walid Shaker-Kalil, male.    ++       Abed al-Salam-Ghaith    ++
Salam Mohammed Awad      ++    Dooriad Naji-Hameed, male civil servant.  ++
Mohammed Shaker       ++        Radhi Yossif     ++
Jassem Hiak        ++       Rabi (Father's name unknown)   ++
Ahmed Ibrahim Kalil       ++        Abed al-Khaliq (father's name unknown)
Adnan Ahmed Na'em      ++        Haidi Rahim Kalil    ++
Kalthum Jaber Khalif, housewife, born 1959.  ++  Jassmia Abed Khalaf, born
1917. ++
Firas Kadhim Abbas, male student, born 1982.  ++  Amjad Kadhim Abbas, born
1983.  ++
Nibras Kadhim Abbas, female, born 1985.  ++    Inas Kadhim Abbas, female
child, born 1988.  ++


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