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[casi] People's Daily Online Tuesday 11/02/2003

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Again, congratulations on your work, Glen.
The story has reached China.
Dirk adriaensens.

Embarrassment Caused by Inter-linked Plagiarism.

At the conference on the Iraq issue held by the Security Council on February 5, US Secretary of 
State Colin Powell delivered a very lengthy speech coupled with the demonstration of pictures, 
charging Iraq with the possession of weapons of mass destruction and demanding the United Nations 
to pass, on February 14, another resolution on authorized use of force against Iraq. It is little 
imagined that this world-concerned important report elaborating on Iraq's violation of the Security 
Council  resolution 1441 went so far as to plagiarize related British official documents. Maybe 
this was done against his will at crucial moment, wanting to cook up charges against Iraq, but 
suffering from the lack of sufficient evidence, leaving him no alternative but to piece things 

On the eve of the UN Security Council Conference on the Iraq issue, British Prime Minister Tony 
Blair published on an official website a report on Iraq's alleged possession of weapons of mass 
destruction and its violation of the UN resolutions. Besides publishing this report on the official 
website, the British government transmitted this report as an official document to its 
representative stationed in the headquarters of the United Nations in New York, and claimed that 
the contents of this document originated from "information material" and was an "information 
updating" of the intelligence about Iraq. This report made by Britain was exactly what Washington 
authorities wanted who were bent on using force against Iraq, because it adds evidence for possible 
war to be launched by the United States against Iraq. Little wonder that Mr. Powell was delighted 
at seeing the "hunters", he not only praised the British document as "exceedingly good", but also 
regarded it as an evidence for accusing Iraq, and so quoting the report paragraph by paragraph.

In fact, this British official document is not from the right source. A few days ago, someone 
accused that the British government's report on Iraq's alleged illegal possession of arms of mass 
destruction was work of plagiarism. According to a recent report from a foreign news agency, 
Scholar Maras with the Monterrey Anti-nuclear Proliferation Research Center, California, USA on 
February 7 told the San Francisco Chronicle that the British government plagiarized and distorted 
his report concerning Iraq's plan for illegal weapon development, furthermore, the British 
government did not raise any demand for use of his work. Maras was astonished by this and he 
charged that certain paragraphs of related British government document were "very close to" his 
report and made substantive revisions in some places of his report and even distorted and 
exaggerated certain data therein. He confessed to the British BBC that the "military information" 
he collected about Iraq was copied from a 1997 British military reading and written into an article 
and was then published in the Mid-east International Review. Of the 19-page report on "Saddam's 
Crimes" submitted by Britain to the Security Council, 10 pages were "stolen" from Maras!

The exposure of the plagiarism scandal has totally discredited British officials. The embarrassed 
British government was compelled to show up to apologize, but at the same time it insisted that 
this did not interfere with British "central idea" about the Iraq issue. British officials who are 
against Tony Blair's policy toward Iraq therefore uttered endless complaints, denouncing that the 
government "covered things up" on the Iraq issue, and even used the mixed, deceptive hotchpotch to 
deceive and mislead public opinion, in an attempt to cajole the parliament and the public into 
supporting the government's intransigent stand on the Iraq issue.

On the current international stage, the United States and Britain echo each other and follow each 
other step by step. Since they can resort to plagiarism in the report they submitted to the 
Security Council, what else they cannot do by playing trickery? People have every reason to ask: 
How many lies have the US and British high officials told in previous major international events?

By People's Daily Online Tuesday 02/11/2003

People's Daily Online ---

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