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[casi] Re: The Pen versus The Sword.

Dear Ghazwan & List,

A response to some of your recent thinking. Firstly, of course, there are
multitudes of interest groups, & individuals, opposed to the war-
plans. But differences in opinions doesn't have to mean there is no
common ground. I have participated in rallies & marches on behalf of
various causes, & the atmosphere has often been quite electric & joyous.
The occasion may have been heightened by some good speakers - not
neccessarily in agreement with each other on every single issue. Yet they
still, quite happily, share the same platform. One inspiring speaker, you
may be familiar with the name, is (now retired) Tony
Benn, who has, recently, been visiting Baghdad.

Yes, I suppose demonstrations can act as a form of safety-valve. Good
leaders (I don't wish to be unduly cynical about politicians!) will listen
to, & observe, moods & views expressed. Sometimes elections are,
more or less, genuine, sometimes a mere "circus", to entertain the people,
or simply for politicians to retain their power-base. Some people vote with
their ballot papers (sometimes according to strict directives, from above,
i.e. the ruling authorities), others with their feet. Fate(?) has decreed
that I am in the UK, so I would tend to be influenced by customs from my
immediate environment - but not unquestioningly!

The discovery, by a CASI member, of fabricated governmental documents,
was quite amazing. That is an advantage of free expression, in the media. We
do know that the media can, frequently, misrepresent, actual reality,
whether inadvertently or with intent. CNN & Fox News are powerful agents for
public information and/or propaganda. But nothing much wrong with an
old-fashioned soap-box, esp. when communicating a good message, even to a
fairly small group of people.

There are no excuses for crimes against civilian populations, yet world
history has seen all too many examples of such brutal behaviour. Iraq is,
presently, exposed to very grave danger (as you would realise, better than
myself). There is, so it seems, very little ordinary people,
even with the utmost of goodwill, can do to counteract the situation. We may
well find that our voices are disregarded, for some time. Yet, what could be
more worthwhile than sincere people uniting in truth? Bombs & missiles are
the instruments of fear & destruction, which have caused so much destruction
to our world, including against Iraq. Are you familiar with the saying, "The
pen is mightier than the sword"?


Bert Gedin (Birmingham, UK).

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