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Re: [casi] Gareth Evans

At 18:01 09/02/03, Eric Herring wrote:

>This is the same revolting Gareth Evans who as Australian Foreign
>Minister signed the Timor Gap treaty with Indonesia to cash in on
>Indonesia's mass murderous invasion in 1975.

Surely not! In a paper
later published in the Australian 27 September 1999 Evans suggests
"Successive Australian Governments certainly pursued good relations with
Indonesia... But we didn't pursue "Good Relations" as a policy end in
itself. It was rather a means to multiple other ends...not least, helping
the people of East Timor."  He then adds, "Clearly not all these
objectives, particularly the last, were fully realized".

Comment would be superfluous.


>Australia was the only
>country to recognise Indonesia's annexation of East Timor
>On Mon, 10 Feb 2003 12:32:56 -0500 peter kiernan <>
> > The International Crisis group, a political advocacy NGO, has released a
> > report on the activities of Ansar al-Islam in Kurdish northern Iraq,
> and its
> > alleged links with the Baghdad govt.
> >
> > One of their conclusions is-
> >
> >  "This is a region outside Baghdad's control and we see no evidence that
> > Ansar has a strategic alliance with Saddam Hussein. There is no question
> > that the group has brought misery to many people in the area it controls,
> > but it is highly unlikely that Ansar al-Islam is anything more than a minor
> > irritant in local Kurdish politics".
> >
> > For the full report, check The website also has an
> > interesting op-ed piece from Gareth Evans, the ICG president and former
> > foreign minister of Australia, looking at the legality of a state launching
> > a pre-emptive invasion.
> >
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