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For Immediate Release
February 8, 2003


  "President Bush: War is a last resort. We have not
    exhausted every other possible means in the fight
    against terrorism and Saddam Hussein and I don't
    understand how you will personally justify loss of
    life if you don't take every other option first."

    -- extract from an open letter to President Bush
      from Fran Quigley, the mother of a US soldier,, 31 January 2003.

A brand new online news project, Electronic Iraq -- found at -- has been launched by veteran antiwar
campaigners Voices in the Wilderness (founded 1996) and
respected Middle East supplementary news publishers, the
Electronic Intifada (founded 2001).

Electronic Iraq was launched in February 2003 as the U.S.
government made clear its determination to go to war against
Iraq. Based firmly on humanitarian foundations, the
Electronic Iraq online magazine offers News & Analysis,
Opinion/Editorial, Iraq Diaries, International Law, Aid &
Development, Fact Sheets, and Action & Activism.

The Iraq Diaries section offers eyewitness reports from
Iraq, and Electronic Iraq's intention is to publish diary
accounts from on the ground during any hostilities.

The Electronic Iraq website utilises the latest in
technology to publish reports from around the world,
including from on the ground in Iraq, easily added to the
site by nontechnical writers and editors of the Electronic
Iraq team. Content from this website can be easily
syndicated onto other friendly sites by webmasters.

Visit the site at


Voices in the Wilderness (VitW)

VitW is a joint US/UK campaign to end the economic sanctions
against the people of Iraq. Since March 1996, nearly fifty
Voices delegations have traveled to Iraq. Today, as the
United States makes new threats against Iraq, Voices is
maintaining a constant presence in Iraq in solidarity with
the Iraqi people. In the schools and hospitals, on the
streets and in the homes of Baghdad, Basra, Mosul and other
cities we have seen the effects of more than a decade of
economic sanctions and frequent bombings. Now we see the
anger and fear caused by new threats of violence. For more
information, see

The Electronic Intifada (EI)

EI, an online educational gateway to information about the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict, offering reference material,
commentary and analysis, personal journals from the
front lines of the conflict, media news and analysis, and
even satire. Launched 23 February 2001, EI is independent of
any political, factional, ethnic, or religious affiliation,
and bases its view of the conflict on the foundations of
universal human rights and international law. For more
information, see


Electronic Iraq
1507 E. 53rd Street, #500
Chicago, IL 60615, USA
Fax: +1 (775) 254-4323

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