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Re: [casi] Iraqi Water Systems

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21st century democracy guarantees 1 vote for every dollar, not 1 vote for every person.
 Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar <> wrote:
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Dear Bert and CASI

I know ?There are people in the West who disagree with war-mongering policies? you and I are 
members of, CASI, such a group. I also know that the anti-war movement is a collection of 
individuals and organizations that are pacifist, anti- colonialist, communist, environmentalist, 
Multilateralist, people thinking that their tax money should be used to improve the health and 
welfare of their citizens and not wage war. They also includes people who are afraid that their 
sons could be killed in the war and the humanitarian people who think the Iraqi people should not 
be punished more than what they have. Each one has his or her own reason to oppose the war.

Yes in some parts of the globe it is not acceptable to disagree with the government. In our area 
the (Middle East) for example you need to pressure the government to permit the government to allow 
an anti-war demonstration in Jordan and in Egypt. In most cases these demonstrations are ?allowed? 
to partially vent the public pressure before things explode. In fact the ?democratic? west put 
pressure on these governments "not to allow? such ?democratic? expressions.

Iraq is part of the ?Middle east? and should be judged by the norms of area?s mentality and not by 
your western mentality. Abdul-Nasser won the referendum by 99.99%, Mubarek won by 98%... so winning 
by a 100% is not such alien to the culture of our area after all it is only a silly 0.01 % or 2% 
more than Nasser or Mubarek!! My vote to Saddam Hussein was in fact I wanted to say NO to 
Bush/Blair which might help you understand this silly 0.01%!.

I have no intention of discussing, or criticizing, your understanding of democracy. I find it very 
strange that while more than 50% of the British people oppose the war on Iraq that the British 
government, claiming to represent the people, going full speed to wage war on Iraq. I find it very 
strange when over 80% of Turkish people oppose the war the British and American governments 
pressure Turkey to support its war plan which means asking the Turkish government to disregard the 
will of the Turkish people (UK/US subverting democracy!!). I find it strange that while over 80% of 
Europeans say that the US is the greatest threat to the world peace (Iraq 8%) the leader of UK/USA 
say Iraq is the real threat not North Korea or the US. Whom do I believe the leaders or the people 
or none? Who is lying?

Peter Brook had a posting this morning Re: [casi] Pilger's review of Security Council vote for 
FirstGulf War in which Pilger said about SC687 ?This was made possible by a campaign of bribery, 
blackmail and threats, of which a repetition is currently under way, especially in countries such 
as Egypt and Saudi Arabia?. How about intimidation of Germany and putting it on par with Libya and 
Cuba because of its anti- war stance.What about plagiary and deception re:[casi] Intelligence? the 
British dossier on Iraq's security infrastructure. Are ?bribery, blackmail, threats, intimidation, 
plagiary, and deception? parts of the concept of Democracy? Do they have the high moral ground!?
They did not leave very much to the mafia did they?

Probably democracy existed when people used to stand on ?soap boxes? and talk to the other people. 
In the 21st century how could you compete with CNN, FOXNEWS, BBC?? I am sure you know that even the 
Washington Post distorted Associated Press coverage of the demonstrations in Washington. You might 
argue that the mistake was corrected later but the damage has been done and no correction, what so 
ever, will undo the damage.

The western leaders knew, in 1991, that targeting electricity and water supplies are crimes against 
civilian populations and they did it. They put ?on hold? so many contracts dealing with water 
supplies over the last 12 years and you know of them and their effects. Now I think they will do it 
again, despite people opposition to it. Now it is up to you to convince your government not to 
target innocent people, the electricity and water supplies. Their decision will be taken in your 
name, not mine. Bert don?t be disappointed if you find out your voice, like mine, is worthless! So 
what is the difference!

Best Regards
Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar
Baghdad, Iraq

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