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Re: Fw: [casi] No war no sloution

Sorry that you are insulted Mr Buckley, but let me say again what must be
End does not justify means? well the end we want is what CASI stands for i
think, we want to stop the ACTUAL dying of iraqis that is happening and has
happened already under sanctions- people give figures in the millions for
this. The means i suggest is that america take back iraq from the dictator
which they gave it it to in 60's by force. this is called going to war
against iraq. well in the past putting a place under siege so that people in
it starve/die as a result was considered a tactic of war. now it is called
sanctions. to iraqis it is the same- we die in sanctions we will die in this
coming war also.
america is undisputed superpower in the world. they wanted sanctions against
iraq they have it. none of these lefty monkeys and thieR marches has been
able to change this for 10 years. now america want to go to war these
planthuggers walking down london isnot going to change this. these people
who dream of moral intuitions, international laws and human rights are
lacking of reality. thos who make the laws can break them-there is no
inforcement agency-in this world anyway.
instead of this confusion about this law and that report let us put it
please let america go ahead and get our oil or whateverelse and then move
on. iraq has had its share of suffering already. you are delaying the
execution- the wait is killing us more than the eventual death.
Iraq has to be reborn. (as an american colony?- the whole world is already
one- only the lefty are waiting for a mr benn article in the guardian to
prove it).
i too oppose american imperialism -at the moment we are dying of it. after a
war i will march against the WtO in baghdad if i can , for that is excatly
how you are opposing this imperialism at the moment. do not expect me to die
for your princip[les while you at best walk for them.

Abdul karim salih.

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>Subject: Fw: [casi] No war no sloution
>Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 08:08:14 -0000
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> > Subject: [casi] No war no sloution
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> > > For me it is clear, what many people on this list assume opposite to.
> > > is campaign against sanctions on iraq list, not campaign against war
> > > iraq. automatically any body on this list knows horror of sanctins in
> > > country. this will continue to happen if there is no action- so all
> > > nice people against wars actually support many deaths due to sanctions
> > > due to Saddam. and they say we are against sanctions also. and then
> > did
> > > you do. post messages to this list for 10 years?
> > > No body has done anything to help end iraq suffering for 10 years. so
> > > america wants to end it- and i know it doesnt do it out of liking for
> > > then these people say no! we want more inspections and more sanctions
> > > more killed iraqi and children.
> > > some american action is only way to end sanctions on iraq.
> >
>  It seems to me that you are saying that the end justifies the means. A
>  probably WOULD end the sanctions, but
>  that is not a justification for war, in my opinion. If the end justifies
>  means then one could make out a case for supporting Hitler at points in
>  when it seemed the Nazis were likely to win the war, on the grounds that
>  this would end the war quicker and save some of the 50 million lives that
>  the war eventually took. This approach seems intuitively wrong, from a
>  point of view. What about all the ill effects which will flow from the
>  abandonment of international law and commission of the war crime of
>  another country, as well as the innate and dangerous unpredictability of
>  itself? What about the horrible effects of a war on the Iraqi people? You
>  have not even addressed these issues. Finally, blaming anti-war
>  for both deaths under sanctions and deaths in Iraq under Saddam, as you
>  is clearly just an attempt to demonise people who disagree with you which
>  has no basis in fact. It's also insulting, as you must know.
>   Regards,  Tim
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> > > thankyou
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> > > Abdulkarim Salih
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