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Re: [casi] Intelligence? the British dossier on Iraq's security infrastructure

Congratulations to Glen.
I've forwarded it to Andrew Marr and Nick Higham at the BBC and to
various others, including the Community Media Association list (read by
lots of grassroots media organisations).

Not only is it scandalous, it also shows how out of the touch the
government is with the central role of the internet in today's politics.

Andrew Marr said on Newsnight the other night that he had never known
the opinion of MPs and the public to be so far apart - 'either they know
something we don't,' he said, 'or parliament is in for a terrible
shock'.  I'd place my money on the latter, especially after this!
Democracy in the electronic age means 'one person, one opinion', not one
person one vote - leaders who try and act like Churchill are well wide
of the mark.

Cathy Aitchison
Aitchison Media & Development
020 8685 9928

In message <>, Glen Rangwala
<> writes
>A sideways comment:
>In preparation for Powell's presentation at 15:30 GMT today, I had a look
>at the third British government's "dossier" released last Thursday, "Iraq -
>Its Infrastructure Of Concealment, Deception And Intimidation" (30 January
>2003). The document is at:
>(references below to page numbers relate to the downloadable Word version).
>The document claims to draw "upon a number of sources, including
>intelligence material" (p.1, first sentence).
>Now this is a bit misleading.

Cathy Aitchison

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