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[casi] James Naughtie interview with Tony Benn

Dear Today
I have just listened to James Naughtie's interview with Tony Benn (about
Mr Benn's interview with Saddam Hussein).  (
today )

Tony Benn was right to take Naughtie to task for focusing his questions
on things he (Benn) *didn't* ask Saddam (like his crimes/human rights
record) instead of what they did discuss.  If you want a bully to
*actually change his ways* (rather than just be contained and punished)
you focus on mediation, options for fresh starts and a way out without
loss of face, not on past crimes.  Mr Benn's approach does need to be
heard in full and not judged by the wrong criteria.

We keep hearing of the 4 options for a solution to the crisis (Saddam is
assassinated, Saddam goes into exile, Saddam disarms, war), but the
media has a duty to give full voice to other serious suggestions put
forward by lay people - especially now all we hear from politicians are
lies, half-truths and distortions.  Perhaps Tony Benn can help bring
about a 'Saddam disarms and changes' option.

Unrealistic?  No more than Bush/Blair's rosy picture of post-war Iraq.
In any case, let's not be so sophisticatedly cynical that we condemn as
unworkable any different, peaceful options before we take time to
understand them.

Cathy Aitchison
Mitcham, Surrey
020 8685 9928

Cathy Aitchison

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