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Re: [casi] Iraqi Water Systems.

Dear Ghazwan,

There are people in the West who disagree with war-mongering policies.
Such as retired politician, Tony Benn, who has, vigorously campaigned
against injustice & neo-colonialism for many years. What I don't approve of,
in Iraq, is that differing views don't seem to be tolerated,
may - in some cases - even be dangerous. I know you won't agree, you will,
possibly, reply by saying the Western democracies are not genuine.
I think it is somewhat suspect when one person gets 100% of the vote.
On the 15th February, millions of people, throughout the world, will be out
on the streets, demonstrating - not because their government tells them to,
but because they feel strongly about some very serious issues.
I do realise that, in some parts of the world, such expression is not
tolerated, by those in power. None of this, however, justifies the actions
that appear to be prepared for. One of the aggressors is the
British government (although not everyone in the government is in favour of
war). It does look like there are plans to carry out fiendish aims,, e.g.
attacking electricity, water etc. Many, many Iraqis will suffer, as we know.
But, to some, that is no major concern, as long as
they get oil & domination over the Middle East, even at the expense of
destroying countries & peoples.

>From: "Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar" <>
>To: "Bert Gedin" <>,"casi"
>Subject: Re: [casi] Iraqi Water Systems.
>Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 11:43:59 +0300
>Dear Bert
>  I know that “Not everyone will accept the official Iraqi war damage
>report, in the West”. I know also that many people and some CASI members
>not accept the UNICEF report about 500000 children died because of the
>sanctions, and that report was not a government report it was a UN report.
>know that there are people who believe that “truth” comes only from their
>MOD and DOD. This “truth” will not come now, maybe in another 20 years,
>because they do not want to say that they did it! Have you ever seen a
>voluntarily confessing his crime to the police not even on TV shows!
>I have no faith in MOD or DOD to “learn from the "mistakes" of the past”. I
>am sure they will bomb the same water, sewage, electricity, communication
>systems that they destroyed 12 years ago. I am sure that if I am still
>alive, 10 years from now, we will have a chance to discuss whether the 2003
>attacks on these targets were intentional and deliberate or was it
>Best regards
>Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar
>Baghdad, Iraq
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