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Dear Seb and All,

I can see that side of it, yes - the whole "solidarity" angle. At the same
time I think it may have been wiser to have the mix as you say, but possibly
the mix between Iraqis and Americans - as opposed to a clear cut division of
nationalities battling it out.

Whether it is friendly or competitive, the end result may not be so spirited
when it comes to those who take it too seriously and are hoping for a
specific side to lose. I somehow think anything that puts competition on the
front burner like that is inappropriate. I could see, a rally - a
get-together, a press conference with both sides speaking out - showing a
commitment to solidarity.. but not a game. There
is no reason to test one another, even within friendly terms. It just feels
a bit misguided to me... but then again - I may just be overly pacifist :)


Dear Anai & list,

I think a friendly football match can be just that - friendly. It's
when players stake more significance on the outcome (which I'm sure
be irrelevant on Sunday) rather than enjoying the game itself that it
becomes divisive. Perhaps a non-competitive game, or playing with
nationality teams, would be even better, but personally I don't think
Iraq v.  America match is ill-conceived.

The Italian NGO "Un Ponte Per..." (A Bridge To...) has been
Italians to Iraq to play football games with Iraqis for years -
to a very warm reception or they wouldn't keep doing it! It's a way of
saying 'we haven't forgotten that you exist and are human beings just


On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Anai Rhoads wrote:

>Dear list,
>Is it just me, or is this football game a bad idea? To me - its
>promoting competition, nationalism, patriotism, and explioting
the crisis in
>a way. How can it be for peace, when its an aggressive game? Its
like their
>own mini war in a sense.
>This is probably the first time I have heard of any anti-war
event go to
>such an extreme -     I can honestly say is ill-minded. It
belittles such a
>massive crisis.
>Am I the only one that thinks any mock play between Iraq and
>is odd?
>Anai Rhoads

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First they came for the Communists,  and I didn't speak up because I
wasn't a Communist.... ...Then they came for me, and by that time, no one
was left to speak up.

-- Pastor Martin Neimoeller, Nazi Germany during WWII

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