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[casi] A couple of motions

The motions here are a resolution passed by the Federal Executive of the Liberal Democrats and a 
motion proposed in the European Parliament by ELDR

This big question currently is what happens if there is an "Adlai Stevenson moment"

European Parliament Motion (I don't know if this has passed or not)

Brussels, 28 January 2003

Motion for resolution in accordance with article 37(2) of the Rules of


On Iraq

Tabled by Graham Watson, Cecilia Malmstrm, Emma Nicholson, Jean-Thomas

Nordmann and Paavo Vyrynen

On behalf of the ELDR Group


-       Having regard to the UN Security Council resolution 1441 adopted

on 8 November 2002 (S/REs/1441 (2002));

-       Having regard to its report on the situation in Iraq eleven years

after the Gulf war adopted on 16 May 2002 (A5-157/2002);

-       Having regard to its previous resolutions on the situation in Iraq

(13 April, 6 July & 7 September 2000);

A.      Recognising that Iraq continues to pose a threat to regional

stability and world security, in particular through the reconstitution of

prohibited programmes for the development of weapons of mass destruction

which could be used for terrorist purposes;

B.      Whereas the Iraqi government has continued throughout the last

decade, to increase its regime of terror that reaches into all levels of

society and to commit gross and massive human rights violations including

an active policy of persecution of the Kurdish, Turcoman and Assyrian

population in the North and of the Shia in the South;

C.      Whereas the UN Security Council has decided on 8 November 2002 to

set up an enhanced inspection regime with the aim of bringing to full and

verified completion the disarmament process establish in 1991 by the

Security Council (UNSCR 687 - 1991);

1.      Fully supports the work of Mr Hans Blix, Executive Chairman of the

UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC), Mr El

Baradei, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

and their team of inspectors in charge of the UN enhanced inspector regime

as stipulated in UNSCR 1441;

2.      Believes that breaches of UNSCR 1441 identified by the inspectors

with regard to weapons of mass destruction do not currently justify

military action and considers that any further steps must be taken by the

Security Council after a full assessment of the situation;

3.      Strongly believes that there is a need for continuing inspections

in order to evaluate the extent of Iraq's breach of its obligations;

4.      Calls on the Iraqi Government to comply with the UN Security

Council resolution and allow UNMOVIC inspection unconditionally and with

unimpeded access;

5.      Urges the Council and the Member States to take the initiative to

propose that the International Criminal Court investigate the

responsibility of the Iraqi leader's regime in genocide against the marsh

Arabs and other crimes of war and crimes against humanity;

6.      Urges also the Council and the Member States to take all the

necessary measures to bring those officials of the Iraqi rgime

responsible for serious violations of international humanitarian law

carried out within Iraq territories and beyond before an ad hoc

international tribunal for Iraq; such a tribunal to be established either

by United Nations Security Council Resolution under Chapter VII of the UN

Charter or pursuant to treaty by the concerned and injured states;

7.      Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council,

the Commission to the Security General of the UN, the President in office

of the UN Security Council, the Chairman of the UNMOVIC, the Direction of

the IAEA and the Iraqi Government.


Release: Immediate

Berlin, 28 January 2003

Blix evidence "not yet proof beyond reasonable doubt"

European Liberal Democrat leader Graham Watson MEP today described the

report Hans Blix presented to the UN Security Council as damning on Iraq's

lack of co-operation, but not yet conclusive in proving the case for war.

In an address to the parliamentary group of the Free Democratic Party

(FDP) in the Bundestag, Mr Watson said:

"The report presented by Hans Blix to the UN Security Council yesterday

was damning but not yet conclusive. Saddam Hussein is required by UN

resolution 1441 to provide the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the

truth. Instead, we have seen only half-truths, prevarication and evasion."

"Mr Blix has opened the case for the prosecution with powerful arguments,

but the evidence he has presented does not yet provide proof beyond a

reasonable doubt. However, Saddam Hussein clearly has a case to answer,

and there is little time left before the court of the international

community has to reach a verdict."

Mr Blix will discuss his report with the European Parliament's political

leaders this evening through a video-link, and Mr Watson will lead for the

European Liberal Democrats in a European Parliament debate on Iraq

tomorrow afternoon with EU High Representative Javier Solana.

The following was passed by the Liberal Democrat Federal Executive on 22nd Feb

The Executive:

1. Notes the ongoing Iraq crisis.

2. Supports the line being taken by the Parliamentary Party that there

remains no compelling argument for military action to be taken against

Iraq at the present time.

3. Praises the work of the Parliamentary team, in particular Charles

Kennedy and Menzies Campbell, for their principled and determined stance

on this issue which has caught the public mood.

4. Continues to support the policy adopted at Brighton Conference 2002,

that the UK should participate in military action only as a last resort;

if clear and uncontrovertible evidence emerges to show that Iraq possesses

weapons of mass destruction and is likely to use them; after a full and

intensive debate in Parliament; with an explicit mandate in the form of a

UN resolution or in accordance with international law and; if designed as

far as possible to avoid civilian casualties.

6. Therefore encourages Liberal Democrat members to voice their

concerns about the Iraq situation, in particular by participating in

the Stop the War demonstration on Saturday 15 February.

7. Calls on the Party to publicise this fact through the press, the

party's email and internet facilities and Liberal Democrat News.

8. Requests that the Parliamentary Party send one of their number to

speak at the post-demonstration rally on behalf of the Federal Party.

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