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[casi] chlorine

Looking up the previous discussion on water-treatment facilities (Sep 2000)
I discovered a message from Colin Rowat --

[Subject: Re: delighted with Dr. Herring's access re IWTV, but, the
anomalies grow larger... -- Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 21:07:44 +0100 (BST)]

he says

> Turning more specifically to chlorine, we can see that it has been
> imported from the beginning of the "oil for food" programme.  The first
> report of Phase II of "oil for food", for example, reports that
> Collection of the first supplies of chlorine gas for water
> purification is under way. [ 19] ....
> This report can be found at
>  CASI's "info
> sources" page has a complete listing of "oil for food" reports.

Does this mean ("the first supplies ") that NO chlorine was imported
(smuggling apart) between 1991 and 1997?

> A very different question is that of how much chlorine Iraq needs to
> import to purify its water, and whether it is allowed to import sufficient
> quantities.  I don't know the answer to this question.

There is also the question of other equipment, electrodialysis systems,
reverse osmosis systems, spare membranes, etc.

Colin's message was in response to a query from Dr Nagy

>> One large problem is figuring out to the extent to which the equipment
>> and chemicals identified by IWTV as indispensable for import have been
>> banned by the 661 Committee.

(IWTV, for those who don't know, is "Iraqi Water Treatment Vulnerabilities",
the DIA document Tom Nagy has been publicising).

I wondered if Colin or Tom (or anybody else) has an up-to-date answer on the
status (and history) of blocks on water-treatment items?

Andrew Goreing

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