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[casi] Appropriate Postings

Dear List,

It appears as if increased tension regarding a possible war with Iraq is
having an effect upon the quality of contributions to the Discussion List.
CASI has a particular mandate which it seeks to further, namely informing
debate so as to help towards the ending of sanctions, and the Discussion
List is an important tool in achieving that goal. As a result if in any
doubt List users are asked to consult the CASI website for guidelines as to
appropriate postings. In particular the content of postings should
principally be concerned with sanctions. Postings are ideally informative
or contain insightful criticism based upon some referable evidence.

Obviously the ongoing weapons inspections have an impact upon the sanctions
debate and so comment upon these may be highly relavant. Similarly possible
humanitarian consequences of a conflict for the civilian population are of
great concern to members of the CASI Discussion List. However purely
political commentary on the motivations of the United States, Saddam
Hussein etc. should perhaps at this sensitive time, be kept to a minimum.
If such debate is engaged in it must, at the very least, remain amicable
and above personal abuse.

If one feels the absolute need to respond in personal or abusive terms
please restrict yourself to doing so to the person directly concerned and
DO NOT share it with the entire Discussion List. The only function this
possibly serves is to dilute the quality of debate. Similarly if one is
merely thanking a contributor, or asking for clarification on a particular
point do consider contacting them directly. Ideally postings to the List
should be of potential benefit to all users.

Finally, most news articles should be sent to for
inclusion in the weekly news postings and not to the discussion list,
unless they are really urgent or particularly important and new. Before
sending news items it is also advisable to check the List Archive first to
ensure they have not previously been posted by another List member.

I apologise for the somewhat dedactic tone. It is however important that
the quality of debate on the List remains high for it to continue to be of
real value.

Trevor Redmond
CASI Lists Manager

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