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[casi] Weekly News Analysis: January 26, 2003


The weekly IPO news analysis is available for week ending Sunday 26 January, 2003:

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News Analysis
January 26, 2003

The US says that it is ready to go to Iraq on its own, however, it has already received support 
from 12 other nations. Most of the support is expected to come from NATO.

The US will try to get UN backing for its war on Saddam, but military intervention will start 
within weeks, with or without the UN. According to King Abdullah of Jordan, it requires a "miracle" 
to avert war now.

The justification for war seems to be already in US hands, as Powell says that no more inspections 
are required. The issue of scientists' interviews is still proving difficult to resolve. The US 
does not seem to be betting on future findings by the UN inspectors. Iraq's cooperation, not 
findings, is going to be the issue.

An extra 37,000 US troops are moving towards the Middle East, along with 35,000 British troops, 
making Britain's contribution to this war larger than that of 1991.

There are already signs of dissent in Iraq due to the threat of war against Saddam. Japan has urged 
its citizens to leave Iraq within 5 days.

A Middle East summit is seen as an attempt by governments to calm internal unrest when a war starts 
by giving the impression they are doing as much as possible to avert war. If it was a genuine 
effort to prevent war, it certainly failed.

The world begins to listen to the oppressed people of Iraq as the IPO launches the 'Save the People 
of Iraq' campaign.

New Analysis provided by the Iraqi Prospect Organisation:

See the IPO's work in media:

Kind regards,
Sama Hadad
Iraqi Prospect Organisation

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