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[casi] Those that don't learn their history...

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In history, I remember learning about the idea of "manifest destiny".  As it was taught, it was the 
idea that it was "America's destiny to rule over the land from ocean to ocean.".  The fact that 
Indians already lived there and would have to be slaughtered to achieve this was of little 
consequence.  Not only was this idea sanctioned by the state, but it was also doing Christianity 
justice.  Of course today, we know better, but we forgive our forefathers.  They were ignorant 
people of the land, and besides, look how it all worked out.  Eventually, the ends justified the 

Another episode in America's history is the institution of slavery.  True, our forefathers went to 
great lengths to assure greater freedoms under their form of govt. than virtually any before, and 
most since.  Of course, it wasn't perfect.  The idea that slaves count as 3/5 a complete person was 
part of the original constitution!  The institution of slavery was sancioned by the state, as we 
see above, AND by the church.  Those Africans FORTUNATE enough to be brought over to America had 
the opportunity to convert to Christianity and maybe get into Heaven.  Of course today, we know 
better, but we forgive our forefathers.  They were ignorant people of the land, and besides, look 
how it all worked out.  Eventually, the ends justified the means.

I never quite agreed with the way these things were sold to us.  I also asked myself t if I were 
around then, would I have just accepted these institutions like the rest of the people?  Or would I 
have been one of the few brave people who looked around, said this is wrong, and did something 
about it?  Well, what's going on in Iraq, Palestine, and the rest of the Middle East is no 
different.  We are being sold the idea that a different race is somehow inferior to us.  Their 
forms of govt. are inferior and they have a backwards religion.  Don't think this is being done?  
Look at this caption on a Yahoo! photo out today:

>>A Turkish boy chants Islamic slogans as he holds a leaflet that reads ' What are you doing to 
>stop this war? No to war in Iraq ' during an anti-war demonstration in Istanbul, Turkey, Sunday 
>Jan. 26, 2003. Some 5,000 demonstrators chanted anti-U.S. slogans in one of Istanbul's biggest 
>squares and protested against a possible U.S.-led strike on Iraq. Turkey, NATO (news - web 
>sites)'s only Muslim member, is under heavy pressure from its top ally, the United States, to 
>allow use of its bases to attack Iraq, but public opposition to war is strong in this 
>predominantly Muslim country. (AP Photo/Murad Sezer) <<

Why was it necessary, in those few lines, to point out the fact that Turkey is a Muslim country 
THREE times?  Is this THAT important?  If this were a rally in India, would they tell us it is a 
Hindu country 3 times?  Would a protest in America be captioned with "Christian country protests 
war."?  Would a protest in Israel be captioned "Citizen chants Jewish slogans in support of war."?  
Maybe, but I doubt it.  The sad thing is, with the apathy towards this that exists in America, many 
Iraqi citizens are probably more familiar with the reality of American history than most Americans. 
 Ironically, if Bush (A career C student) has his way, it will be the Iraqis that are doomed to 
repeat it.

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