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[casi] Legal action for war crimes against western leaders

Public Interest Lawyers is in fact Phil Shiner in Birmingham, UK.  He has also a letter warning 
Blair and Straw about possible consequences of mass bombing etc (which according to one of Peter 
Brook's posts is still part of planning (ie bombing water and power).  I have a copy of his letter, 
but it is about 39 pages wrong and not really suitable for posting to a list.  I shall ask Phil if 
he minds me making it available on  the web.

We had a brainstorm about this on Friday night and concluded that what is needed is accurate, 
professional contemporaneous records of whatever may happen during whatever happens in the Middle 
East.  We have a communications centre, but need some volunteers who are accurate and used to 
academic/legal standards of evidence to come to Birmingham (living costs would be provided) to keep 
detailed contemporaenous records of what happens.  The plan would be to source information from 
NGOs, people in Iraq, the media generally etc.  We particularly would like to find people who speak 
and read Arabic as some of our media are in Arabic often that which appears in Arabic does not 
appear in English.  Also people who speak Farsi and/or dialects of Kurdish would help.  We do have 
people who can translate Arabic/Kurdish/Farsi etc, but would like full timers who could do this.

The key, however, is professional sourced records of events during whatever may happen.

Phil and I should be meeting up later today to look further at this.

If anyone is interested in helping could they please email me off list with a CV.  Travel costs 
within the UK can be found as well as costs of living.  It could be a task that may take 6 months 
although we may be able to change over people dealing with it.

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