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[casi] Arab Christian Leader Castigates the US regarding Palestinians, Iraq

Prominent Christian leader says “America is seeking to solve its economic
problems at expense of weak nations”

Occupied Jerusalem: 18 January, 21003 (IAP News)

A prominent Christian Orthodox leader in Jerusalem has castigated the United
States for its “bullying policy against poor and weak nations.”

Rev. Hanna Atallah, who serves as Spokesman of the Orthodox Patriarchate in
Palestine also condemned the Bush Administration for embracing Israeli Nazism
against the Palestinian people while claiming that it is working to liberate
the Iraqi people.

“Don’t they see that Israel has reduced our population centers to huge
open-air jails? Don’t they see the starvation?,” said Hanna during a meeting
at Orthodox Patriarchate headquarters in East Jerusalem Friday.

Hanna, echoing the sentiments of the vast majortiy of the Arab and Muslim
world and many other anti war advocates worldwide, argued that the chief
motive of the planned American war on Iraq was economic.

“They simply want to solve their economic problems by putting their hands on
the resources and wealth of weak nations, like Iraq.”

Hanna pointed out that Orthodox church was an Arab church which stands “soul
and heart” with the Iraq people against  any American aggression on the
people of Iraq.


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