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[casi] Dark propaganda

Now that Goebbels look-alike, the Satanic Mandy, has stepped in on behalf of
the government to sell its case for a unilateral attack on Iraq, any
credibility that the government is acting morally, ethically or legally is
now out of the window. It is looking more and more likely that Blair has
made a Faustian bargain with Bush, and that we are all going to have to pay
the price.

In listening to Mandy's interview on the Today programme this morning, he
was keen to link the recent discovery of a Ricin lab in the UK with Iraq,
implying that in the recent Blix report to the UN the inspectors had
discovered instances where Iraq was smuggling weapons OUT of Iraq. In the
next breath he said that also there was evidence that Iraq had produced
large quantities of Ricin. Mandy also maintained that the alleged terrorists
had probably been trained in Iraq.

My impression in reading about the Hans Blix report was that materials for
producing weapons (not necessarily WMDs) were being smuggled INTO Iraq, and
that oil was being smuggled OUT. Have I missed something? Has Blix alleged
that Iraq is smuggling out weapons for use by terrorist organisations?

Also, if Iraq has produced Ricin and if it wants it to get into the hands of
terrorists (teenagers and amateurs like the ones recently arrested), surely
he would supply it ready-made, and they would not need to be making it in
their kitchens.

The stepping up of this dark propaganda exercise needs to be exposed for
what it is - a regression reminiscent of the early days of Nazism. Are these
the values that we share with the people of the US? I think not.

Michael Wolff

The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.     W.B. Yeats  The Second Coming

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