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[casi] WMDs: "just an excuse to go to war"

"We are as determined as anyone to root out [Iraq's]
weapons of mass destruction and see that they are
destroyed", the Canadian Defense Minister told
reporters last week. (He had just been to see Rumsfeld.)

But only 28 percent of the respondents to a survey
on the Globe and Mail's website believe that WMDs are
the real reason.

Here are some of the answers (names deleted):

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Have your say -- responses [Globe and Mail]

Question: Will this round of weapons inspections make a


NO. The U.S. has decided that it is in their strategic
interest to wage war on Iraq, unseat the present regime,
and create conditions of instability and warfare in the
country. By doing so, it will be possible to spread
instability and violence to the neighbouring countries and
effectively delay economic growth and educated Arab people
for decades, which will suit U.S. and Israel just fine.
S. V.

It will make no difference. As one who grew up in the
1930's I see a remarkable similarity between the U.S.'s
inevitable invasion of Iraq and the Germans overrunning
Czechoslovakia in 1938. Bush, and his advisory trio of
Cheney, Rice, and Rumsfeld are eerily similar to Hitler,
Goering, Goebbels, and Himmler, and their propaganda
machine is at least as effective. Mr. Blair is reminiscent
of Britain's Chamberlain (give them Czechoslovskia {Iraq}
and maybe they'll stop). In my opinion this war-to-be is
not about terrorism, it's about world domination.
W. B.

I think the difference these inspections will make is in
the eyes of the world. I think the White House is quickly
putting itself in a tight position, where they are going
to lose support from close allies. Bush has pumped so much
propaganda into various reason why the U.S. should go into
Iraq that if he doesn't he will look like a hypocrite and
most likely lose the next election. However as each day
passes and inspectors find nothing, the propaganda becomes
more evident. The White House is playing a game and they
aren't very good at it. When the spokesperson says things
like "we have evidence Iraq has WMD" then refuse to let
anyone, including inspectors, know what this evidence is
the people start to question this statement. When the
spokesperson then says "It's up to Iraq to prove they
don't have WMD" then the people know it was a bluff. The
international community needs to collectively call this
bluff and refuse to support any war-mongering President.
J. L.

The ultimate goal of the U.S. is to attack Iraq and to
"remove the wicked force." I believe there are ways to
deal with the differences among nations and war should be
the last resort.
D. T.

Saddam is too clever for run of the mill UN technocrats.
Everything of interest has long since been hidden and will
not soon be found.
L.V. U.

This weapon inspections team has about as much credibility
as if Iraq did the inspection itself. As long as there are
Americans or Brits on the inspection team it has no

Iraq is justified in wanting the sanctions dropped. Past
history has shown that long-term sanctions almost always
lead to war. Iraq should also be allowed to defend itself,
like any other country. I agree they should not be allowed
to have weapons that are illegal in term of international
law. What I would really like to hear is the story of real
Iraqi people and how they think this can be solved. My
only real hope is the Iraqis themselves will come with a
plan to get out of this mess we are all in.
A Concerned Canadian

The World should get its head out of the sand. Bush is
obsessed with making war on Iraq, and will use the
slightest pretense to do so regardless of how false it may
be. Iraq cannot avoid war with the United States.
J. M.

Unlikely, unless U.S. politicians show enough willigness
and wisdom to drastically change their foreign policies.
International bullying and war mongering can never resolve
issues of terrorism.

No, if Americans want to find out why terrorism has come
home to our country, we only have to look at our
government's ongoing foreign policies that support
dictators, ruin local economies, train and arm death
squads, uproot and kill aboriginal peoples and pollute the
L. D.

Mr. Walker seems to think it's OK to interfere with a
people's right to self-determination. I say to Mr. Walker,
perhaps you should wake up and smell the stink of your own
civil liberties burning. If we in the West decide we are
going to fortify our moral resolve with his type of
reasoning, there are other far more guilty players sitting
at our own table. Perhaps we should start with China? The
U.S. would lose a cheap pool of what is essentially slave
labour. American life would grind to a halt if the
exploitation of workers in most of Asia ended. The Chinese
also have a huge arsenal of effective weapons of mass
destruction, in fact they used to parade them around
proudly. Why not start with them? No, Mr. Walker, I'm
afraid you can keep your moral high-ground, I believe that
you'll find it's made of sand.
Gregarious Monk

It won't make a difference. Bush, the moron, is bent on
having this war because of his Israeli friends. My
question is this: The U.S. sanctions have already killed
hundred of thousands of Iraqi innocents. After the U.S.
kills and maims so many more Iraqis, are Americans going
to feel safer? The desire for vengeance will be stronger
than ever.
C. B.

In response to S. S.'s email, the United States is
not seen in a positive way by a majority of different
countries in this world. Your question might be answered
more effectively if you asked: Why does the Untied States
require weapons of mass destruction?

This round of inspections does not make any difference.
The U.S. badly need a war to save their economy. Reaping
the benefits of postwar Iraq re-construction and cheap oil
prices were crucial arguments that Bush used to convince
Putin to support him.
F. K.

I am an American who is against attacking Iraq on the
behalf of Israel and the oil industry. There are over
300,000,000 Arabs in that part of the world. The
assumption by Washington and London is that the Middle
East is too fragmented to create a problem for the West's
military. This was the same attitude in Vietnam. Well, we
spent the entire Social Security fund and the lives of
60,000 young Americans proving that Washington has no
knowledge of what it is doing. Here we go again.
Larry DuChene

Will these new inspections make a difference? What defines
a "difference"? How can we simply send inspectors? Is
anyone bold enough to admit that there will be a major,
and most likely non-traditional war mainly between the
U.S. and people we don't understand. There are such major
differences between the capitalistic U.S. and the Middle
East (along with many many other countries). We do not
understand most other countries (we even have problems
with you Canadians next door). Why are we not sending
negotiators into Iraq to discuss how we can learn to work
with our differences without killing each other? Why not
ask why would you want weapons of mass destruction. Or
perhaps why we in the U.S. have weapons of mass
S. S.

American interest in Iraq seems to be driven by more than
a heroic drive to prevent Iraq's use of weapons of mass
destruction, and more to do with establishing some control
of Iraqs' oil resources. There are two countries with
nuclear capabilities who are currently terrorizing each
other-- India and Pakistan -- but curiously, the U.S. has
shown no interest in these nations. Of note to Curtis -
the U.S. only backed the Shah of Iran until he decided to
nationalize Iran's oil. Maybe they can try their luck with
L. P.

No, because Bush is itching for a war. When have the
Americans gone anywhere without an agenda? And the agenda
here is oil. The weapons of mass destruction are just an
excuse to go to war.
D. W.

The new round of weapons inspections will not make any
difference at all. President Bush has made it quite clear
that his government's policy is regime change. It is
highly unlikely that his administration will let the
inspectors complete their task. Hundreds of thousands of
Iraqis have died since the Gulf War as a result of brutal
sanctions, constant bombardment and the tyranny of
Hussein. The imminent U.S. invasion of Iraq has nothing to
with security and everything to do with oil and having a
presence in the region, especially since Iran has been
officially "evil" since the overthrow of the American-
backed Shah. A war on Iraq will amplify anti-American
sentiment worldwide. I'll bet Osama bin Laden is pulling
for war on Iraq.
C. K.

I don't know whether this latest round of preoccupation
with Iraq is to be viewed as an Alice in Wonderland or a
Catch-22. For Hans Blix to demand that Iraq give
documented proof that it has no weapons of mass
destruction is akin to the local cops coming to my house
demanding proof that I have no jewellery in my house. I
thought that Mr.Blix and his inspectors were there to
inspect. But then, to quote Mr. Blix himself: "Not seeing
something, not seeing an indication of something, does not
lead automatically to the conclusion that there is
nothing". Someone please explain the logic.
A. C.

The American imperilistic military machine will take over
Iraq if it is neccesary to control Middle Eastern
resources. The inspections are just to satisfy the U.N.
They will likely not count if the U.S. desires war.
K. M.

Bush wants the oil. He wants to divert attention from the
domestic front and he will find an excuse to attack. I am
an American who is opposed to this. We want peace and not
war. Canada shouldn't participate or we will all regret

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