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[casi] Campaign Finance Reform

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In all the discussion relating to preventing War, ending Sanctions, treating
others Humanely, I wonder if we have missed a fundamental challenge to the
I think many of us would agree that special interest groups, including
corporate interests, run our respective governments.  In the USA the
environmental protection laws are being quickly dismantled in favor of
interests that favor the Energy Industry.  In fact, the Clean Air Act, Clean
Water Act, etc., are all being sliced and diced in favor of higher profits
for corporations that make their money in these areas regardless of the
environmental and human toll these profits take.  Profits for the very few at
the expense of the masses.
When we look at the situation in the Arab World and in Afghanistan, there is
little doubt that the Energy companies are positioned to make huge profits as
is the Weapons Industry, (when the cost of war and occupation are shouldered
with public monies).
Iraq, the land of OIL, 300 Trillion dollars of OIL then is an excellent
target.  Billions will be paid to the companies who manufacture the bombs,
billions, perhaps trillions will be made by the OIL companies, and of course
the cost paid with the blood and sweat of the masses.
So, my question is this:  Should we not be working on Campaign Finance
Reform?  Should we not be working to dissolve the sale of the social contract
to the Corporate interests?
If the special interests groups, the OIL administration in the White House,
are the lobbyist for this war, should we not take back the social contract
from them evolving our governments into institutions that actually work on
our behalf as opposed to working for the 1%?
It is my hallucination that as long as our government officials are bought
and paid for by the corporations, they will work for them and not for us.

Your thoughts?

Roger Stroope
Treat others not as you wish to, but as they wish to be...
Austin College, Sherman Texas

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