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Re: [casi] Iraq - what next?

In response to Ghazwan

Dear Ghazwan (and others),

I have a view on a number of regimes in the world.  (For example I would rather not have Bush in 
the Whitehouse or Blair in No 10 Downing St) That includes Iraq.  At the end of the day the future 
of the Iraqi regime has to be determined by the Iraqi people.  That means the key voices to be 
heard are Iraqi.  If people are prevented from expressing their voice by the regime then it is 
reasonable to assist them in expressing their voice.  (which has to be done through a system of 
secret ballot as otherwise people are open to pressure to express other views)

There are in essence two options being discussed for the future of Iraq

a) Bush/Blairs option of  a mass bombing campaign followed by an invasion with 250,000 troops.  
Medact estimate that 500,000 people could die from this.

b) The option of doing nothing and allowing the Ba'th regime to continue as it does with killing 
people in Iraq and preventing them from expressing their true voice.

We are working on creating a third option. The third option is one which does allow the Iraqi 
people to express their true voice, but is not based around mass bombings although bombing of 
Saddam's statues may be called for.

 Yes some of the initial suggestions I put forward were flawed.  I have listened to what people 
have said (including yourself Ghazwan) and I think our current plan is much better.  Most of the 
people working on Operation Desert Haven are in fact Iraqi although I clearly am not.

I have no military experience, although you criticise me for being a military officer, but then you 
also criticise me for a lack of military knowledge.

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