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Re: [casi] Iraq - what next?

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Dear John

I have few points to make concerning your exchange of messages with Tim on the casi site:

1- you said "I am not a pacifist" that was very obvious to me from your first posting on this site. 
I might guess that you that you are an ex-Military officer whose training and experience centered 
on killing the opposing side so as to minimize the casualty that might occur to your soldiers. This 
"killing" philosophy is a common philosophy in all armies including the Iraqi army. I am sure that 
they will try to kill as many invaders as they can to protect their country.

2- You said "I would like to see an end to the Ba'th regime" which is as unreasonable, to say the 
least, as me saying that "I would like to see an end to the monarchy and political system in your 
country". John you might have lately discovered that you have a drop of "Iraqi" blood in you, way 
back then, but that "drop of blood" does not make you an Iraqi or even the right to speak in their 
behalf. Being a compromising person I find out that our mutual dislike to each other's political 
system is a common point between us.

3- Probably you think that I should be happy to know that you recommended Bush/Blair "Don't use 
Depleted Uranium" but I am not. I don't think they are going to re-manufacture their cruise 
missiles so it does not contain DU, in the casing of the war head, the ballast or any other part. 
They will not deprive themselves of the "humanitarian" instruments of persuasion, the daisy cutter, 
the bunker buster, the Guided Bomb Unit-24 (GBU-24) Paveway III, the BLU-116 Advanced Unitary 
Penetrator, the WPNS104, the....the list is long John! They all contain DU. I do not think that 
they, bush/blair et al, will be as "humanitarian" as you are or as you think. They will use it and 
simply lie, yes John lie, to the world about using it. I don't think you are that na´ve to believe 
them. I am sure that you, and your associates, have recommended they "Don't use Depleted Uranium" 
BUT I am sure they will ignore your recommendation and you know it! This is an excellent PR idea!

4- I agree with you John "Don't bomb the Al Jazeera office" it is a very wise advice. Let the 
"civilized" world see the mascaras, the killings, the destruction, the suffering, and the pain that 
your bombers are going to inflict on the civilian population of Iraq. Maybe these pictures will 
quench their thirst for more blood but then again maybe not. Probably the "civilized" west would be 
moved by seeing the bodies of their soldiers being dragged on the streets, like in Somalia, to make 
them understand that this is a real war and not a TV game! Probably only these pictures will 
convert you to a pacifist if any.

5- You said "Look for mechanisms to enable the Iraqi armed forces to surrender easily rather than 
be bombed out of existance." Very "humanitarian" gesture but how? Have you considered gassing them 
with "laughing gas"? They will die "laughing" without the need to be "bombed out of existence" and 
also save you the cost of the bombs!. The Russians did it in Moscow few months ago and the 
"civilized" west turned a blind eye to it, I am sure the Russians will reciprocate!  Have you 
considered issuing an ultimatum that any one firing at the British or American forces will be 
considered a war criminal, and executed, by the tribunal that the British and American forces will 
setup when they "liberate" Iraq? In 1991 the Americans told the Iraqi soldiers that if they 
defected from the army they will be given asylum in America. Some fools believed it, They are still 
awaiting their asylum, in harsh POW camp conditions in Saudi Arabia, 12 years after the end of the 
war! Some of them even returned to Iraq where they were treated better than in the POW camps in 
Saudi Arabia. With credibility gap widening every day I find it very difficult for any one, except 
fools and the Rolex opposition, to believe you or take you seriously.

6- You said "Protect people from potential massacres that could result from a power vacuum.  (we 
believe that there are people who are at risk of being massacred because of their association with 
the regime.  The opposition are offering most of them an amnesty, but there needs to be a mechanism 
for them to surrender to an External (to Iraq) Authority for them to have confidence in their 
personal security and that of their families."  Who are the "[we] believe.." bit?. Who is going to 
commit "potential massacres" the "hemming-thugs" that you are, paying and recruiting to ferment 
civil unrest? How are the "hemming-thugs" going to distinguish between those with and those without 
"association with the regime?" Thugs are thugs and they will be driven by greed and all other 
social ills and will devastate the country more than your "humanitarian" bombs. Then you say 
"surrender to an External (to Iraq) Authority"  the British "emperor" of Iraq? as opposed to Tommy 
Frank the designated American "emperor" of future Iraq. Are you jockeying with your friends, the 
Rolex opposition, for that position?  I don't care because we Iraqis don't want foreign domination, 
read you colonial history books. We revolted against the British rule in 1920! For my self I much 
rather be killed by your "humanitarian" bombs than be killed by your "hemming-thugs".

7- Finally you said "Don't bomb civilian infrastructure." The UK and USA signed numerous 
international conventions that prohibit "bombing civilian infrastructure" but they did just that in 
1991 in violation of these conventions. Now John Hemming you want me to believe that because you, 
and your Rolex friend, recommended to the British government not bomb the civilian infrastructure 
they will listen to you? This is another of your unsuccessful PR attempts to pretty up your friends 
and your intentions!

Best Regards

Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar

Baghdad, Iraq

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