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Re: [casi] Iraq - what next?

In response to Tim Buckley

Dear Tim,

We probably don't disagree on as many points as appeared to be the case from your first Email.

I am not a pacifist.   I would like to see an end to the Ba'th regime.  I would like to see a 
democratic Iraq.
We are in a world that is getting more and more polarised.  I accept that I do not go as far as you 
would like on issues.  I also accept that you are not asking anyone else to do any more than 

The difficulty as I see it is that we are in a situation in which unless work is done prior to any 
military action starting then there will be no alternative to the Bush/Blair mass destruction 
option.  I think it is possible to influence that, but part of that process is identifying things 
that are important within that.  We are issuing a consultation document at the moment to various 
people to find out what they think is important. We are then collating that to bring forward a set 
of points/proposals.

That includes (along with other issues)
a) Don't use Depleted Uranium.
b) Don't bomb the Al Jazeera office (cf Kabul).
c) Look for mechanisms to enable the Iraqi armed forces to surrender easily rather than be bombed 
out of existance.
d) Protect people from potential massacres that could result from a power vacuum.  (we believe that 
there are people who are at risk of being massacred because of their association with the regime.  
The opposition are offering most of them an amnesty, but there needs to be a mechanism for them to 
surrender to an External (to Iraq) Authority for them to have confidence in their personal security 
and that of their families.)
e) Don't bomb civilian infrastructure.

If anyone has any further suggestions could they please email me with them.

Quoting from our consultation paper:
Without question the best approach for Iraq would be one in which Iraq moves to democracy without 
any military action.  The Iraqi people have suffered enough from both the Ba'th regime and also the 
actions of Western Nations over the past 30 years.  That, however, is not a decision for us to make.

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